• St. Patrick’s Day week: A Trip Down the Old Plank Road

    22 Mar 2006, 19:36 by jcshepard

    In 1849, Thomas William Maloy and Anna Kenny were married in County Roscommon, Eire, and soon left the Emerald Isle and the potato famine on a long trip for North America. Landing in Canada, they settled in upstate New York and soon had a farm and family of their own. It is a similar story to millions of others. Later generations of Maloys embraced both their Irish heritage and the western urge of their fellow Americans. Thomas & Anna’s grandsons went West, to Chicago and Wyoming, to mine for gold, run trains, build dams and raise cattle.

    The Elders are a band from Kansas City that plays American- folk-rock. They play music seeped in tradition, loud and enthusiastic enough to burn the roadhouse down. If you like Celtic rock, you’ll like The Elders. If you like just plain guitar-driven roots rock, you’ll probably like The Elders. Their live album offers two versions of 1849, one live & electric, and one thoughtful & acoustic. …
  • NO! You're wrong!!

    17 Jan 2006, 17:35 by coxy

    I am sorry boys and girls, but I've been listening to Radio Player over the past few weeks, and whenever I want to listen to the american-punk-rock melodies of 'Similar artists to Green Day, Sum41, blink-182, Pickled Dick' I do not expect to hear Matt Molloy.

    As nice and fluent as his panpipe-flute-esque-irish-folk-sounds are - he does not sound like Green Day.