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  • Avatar for c0me_as_you_are
    new record is on soundcloud
  • Avatar for Something1nside
    New album soon?
  • Avatar for makeshifting
    dood's got good stufffff
  • Avatar for FiftyMore
    great songs
  • Avatar for goforbroke84
    "On Tour"?! Hmm, the elusive Mr M is gigging.
  • Avatar for joy-div
    On that short list of solo artistes that it's ok for hipsters to like. ; )
  • Avatar for th3timeisnow
    love his work
  • Avatar for Marginalize
    ~ tremendous ~
  • Avatar for forwardxmarch
    lovely, like a post-punk springsteen or waits.
  • Avatar for fortheloveofdog
    Wow. Good stuff.
  • Avatar for Guinness_NYC
    he shoots, he scores!
  • Avatar for Maverick_Saint
    New MM songs are great but if I have to wait another 5 years for a new record, I may need to protest.
  • Avatar for how_we_rock
    worth the wait [3]
  • Avatar for FreeMeUp93
    here comes your rainy day = JaMC vibe <3
  • Avatar for Friday2k
    A Ghost in the Valley
  • Avatar for Madison_Grant
    worth the wait [2]
  • Avatar for badoobadaa
  • Avatar for CTXHCorey88
    new record is awesome, just hope he doesn't keep putting out 8 songs every 5 years. just sayin!
  • Avatar for Jerseygrrl
    It's out! can't believe it's been almost five years since tbd....worth the wait
  • Avatar for askme_askme
    Ringside, Rainy Day and Churches are......... wow.
  • Avatar for xyours_trulyx
    several new songs on bandcamp. quite lovely!
  • Avatar for Maverick_Saint
    great song. and a free download. sweet! thanks for the tip... been waiting a long time for some noise from him.
  • Avatar for AprilSkies85
    new song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for Mediaphile2k
    elusive son of a gun, ain't he?
  • Avatar for TMacGregor
    I can see Riggs as 'similiar artist', but the rest? MM's got a bit more grit around the edges than those guys.
  • Avatar for slowXburn
    New album, please.
  • Avatar for darlingnikki_
    I read that They're Everywhere is about MM and his wife. <3 romantic <3
  • Avatar for Madison_Grant
    So good. <3. Too bad there are only 8 songs on the ep.
  • Avatar for Jerseygrrl
    I read a blog that said he had to stop working on it for a while due to an "unforeseen glitch", but that it's back in the works.
  • Avatar for Maverick_Saint
    anybody heard anything new about the new cd???
  • Avatar for phillytim78
    Love his stuff..
  • Avatar for autumnalscum
    i just discovered these songs, great music!
  • Avatar for darlingnikki_
    thank you!
  • Avatar for TMacGregor
    No official date posted yet....just in the demoing stages according to his MySpace.
  • Avatar for Mediaphile2k
    anybody know if there's a release date for this new record?
  • Avatar for AprilSkies85
  • Avatar for Guinness_NYC
    agreed! your waits video is cool too. kudos.
  • Avatar for askme_askme
    AS85- Love it! Lillian Gish is the PERFECT muse for the song. Great job:)
  • Avatar for AprilSkies85
    Hey all- check out my little "fan vid" for They're Everywhere (interlude):
  • Avatar for Jerseygrrl
  • Avatar for AprilSkies85
    Posted from his myspace 8.20....................................................."I have to remember to update this thing a bit more often....if not to thank everyone for stopping by and leaving such kind words, then to at least give an idea of what's doin' in my neck of the woods lately. been about 9 months since The Basement Demos release and the response to that has been surprising to say the least. Several thousand downloads, a handful of pretty rad reviews and not-nearly-enough live shows later, I have begun working on songs for the follow up to said release. It's in its infancy at this point but I will be picking up the pace in coming weeks. No title or release date yet. I'm also working out the kinks for more live shows this fall/winter....and I've also been working out to The Kinks. Not really. M.M. 8.08"
  • Avatar for Guinness_NYC
    yep - i heard the same
  • Avatar for TMacGregor
    I'm hearing rumors of a new record in early '09...anyone else?
  • Avatar for AdeltrautMeier
    You were added to the [group]Free Artists[/group] Group! Greetings [artist]David Elsener[/artist]
  • Avatar for francineee
    good stuff!
  • Avatar for askme_askme
    baah...tour already!
  • Avatar for miriamloved
    the music is great,I like them all!especially the song: what it means to bleed~ and the artist's voice is so attractive <3
  • Avatar for DeppyLegs
    I'm liking it! Keep it up!!!
  • Avatar for chiron1
    yes yes yes
  • Avatar for xyours_trulyx
    my new favourite artist....


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