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  • Lol! It's playing some Jazz Fusion group.. looks funny with the Mastodon photos going in the bg.
  • am i the only one who hears jazz music??
  • ba doobee doo wa ba boom ba......
  • The bass playing is sick. like seriously, sick.
  • Hideous Creation. Human and Animal.
  • awesome metallica cut from sanitarium
  • siccckkkkkk live
  • amen brother
  • 01:26 = metallica's sanitarium in 3:50
  • It's called THRASH METAL ffs.
  • one of the unable-too-guess-it-would-occur-there transition I think, so fucking smooth!
  • Fucking awesome
  • "sounds a bit like the Melvins" I was about to shout that, and then I scrolled down and saw someone already did.
  • Fucking Sick. Brilliant
  • It's a song about a giant pre-historic shark, brilliant!
  • Easily my favorite modern metal band.
  • \m/ Fucking a.... Groooooovyy duuude M,v
  • \/ \/ \/ \/ I see what you did there \/ \/ \/ \/
  • 0:00-4:21 is awesome
  • the beginning of this song is magical
  • I'd kill to see this one live. The middle-riff in combination with the acceleration makes me wanna jump out of my seat and smash people. Just awesome.
  • tempo change ftw! i haven't listened to this in forever!!
  • That riff in the middle where it picks up in tempo. Now that is godly
  • : D
  • Kick Ass!!!
  • I agree with Argaalofthemyst, that transition is just pure eargasm...
  • sounds a bit like the Melvins...I was just thinking also that it would be better to be named after Megalodon (100 foot shark) than Mastodon. I'd rather be associated with the most deadly creature ever than a big hairy elephant
  • I just can't stop listening to this song, the intro is ORGASMIC.
  • I fucking love this. I've really neglected Mastodon for far too long. The transition at around 1:20 is one of the most awesome things I've ever heard.
  • what a drums [2]
  • sharkie riff! <_>
  • I heart Mastodon.
  • ass kicking guitar
  • Yay! Spandex =)
  • 1:20 to 2:22 Sick :)
  • thee riff
  • yessss !!! Fuck yes !!!
  • Uber...
  • 1:20 to 2:26 Sick
  • what a drums
  • good song ... though some riffs are very similar metallica's "welcome home (sanitarium)" nobody noticed that?
  • 1:20 to 2:26 is EPIC WIN. Makes me love this song soo much.
  • Ya this song is sweet. Country Riff into metal drums classic
  • the one guy is fucking hot.
  • YES!
  • Hahahha, I couldn't help but laugh at 1:20-1:26. Win win win.
  • best shit to trip to. ever.
  • totally face meltingly badass insanity!!!!!!!
  • YEEEHAAAWW!!! Can't wait for their country album to drop.


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