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It all started when a man formerly known as Justin Thomas Squires stumbled upon the cosmic Master Toad one day while out for a walk. The toad demanded that JTS feed him a bottle of Mountain Dew, in order to replenish his god like powers. JTS did as the toad commanded, and Master Toad returned to his most powerful form, in order to continue on with his ultimate goal; to make Kick Ass Video Game Music.

Master Toad in-slaved JTS by taking over his mind and using him as a puppet to carry out his mission. He also changed JTS's name to Barbatos, a fitting name for a puppet.

Master Toad completed his first piece of work in August of 2008 and presented the album "God Dies in this Album" to the world. The album was full of video game esque music, and was released on Love Torture Records.

Master Toad, never to be content with his own work, decided that he would have to travel the universe in search of essential elements in order to carry on with his music. So, after a short visit on earth, Master Toad was off once more, in search of infinite and cosmic treasures meant to inspire. He left Barbatos here on earth to do his bidding, and to spread music like a disease in Master Toad's name. Master Toad vowed to return and create the most epic EP known to man.

Barbatos quickly went to work, using his new found powers to create music. He discovered that Dark Ambient music was ideal for projecting his dark thoughts into the physical world. This of course was against the wishes of Master Toad, who wanted to create programmed/electronic music. So after the release of Captive EP in 2009, and Offer Their Soul's (Split with Pollux) in 2010, Master Toad returned to earth and created a toad like Jugg mask, and put it on Barbatos, so that anytime Barbatos would look into the mirror, he would be reminded of his true ruler, the Master Toad. Thus, Barbatos “Jugghead” was born.

In spite of the Master Toad, Babrbatos “Jugghead” constructed a hallucinogenic sedative called “Lucid Dreamer” and began to feed it to the worlds population, so that he could lure them into his dark mind, and show them the dark world in which his imagination lived. In August of 2011, Lucid Dreamer: Nightmare Progression #5 was released to the world, and Barbatos “Jugghead” was successful in haunting the masses.

Barbatos “Jugghead” began work on a new EP entitled “CHAOS”. This ep was primarily Noise and Drone sounds, which was ideal to represent the Chaos inside his mind. This Chaos was the ultimate punishment dealt by the Master Toad, who telepathically sent the secrets of the universe to Barbatos “Jugghead” during sleep. Barbatos “Jugghead” was being punished for tarnishing Master Toad's name, by making music and sounds that were against Master Toad's wishes.

In September 2011, Master Toad was spotted resting on Mar's, and it is believed that he will be making his return by 2012. Barbatos “Jugghead” prepares for his arrival.

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