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  • Avatar for steveisms
  • Avatar for sunny4001
    .. the most beautiful thing ever.
  • Avatar for kubel104
    positive hip-hop anthem right here. Beautiful.
  • Avatar for Spiritwalker-fm
    The best ever
  • Avatar for wi2tws
  • Avatar for HiMyNameIsBear
    This song just isn't the same without the skit before it
  • Avatar for bkelleher
    One of those songs that embodies everything good about hip hop.
  • Avatar for fmeshtar
  • Avatar for PDpidi
    definition of "chilled the fuck out" music
  • Avatar for Ruler71
    maybe in cologne ??? the same there too just before the release of long hot summer i didnt know the track back then but....
  • Avatar for alf2k
    I'll never forget the moment Ace got on stage screaming " Somebody say BEAUTIFUL!" and how the crowd just went crazy. Best concert I've ever been to. Kinda sad considering it was like 5 years ago.
  • Avatar for SuspectErik
  • Avatar for sti3
    Great beat and lyrics.
  • Avatar for TalibKweli85
    One of my all time fav tracks...absolutely amazing...
  • Avatar for Szczotkowsky
    It's beautiful how many smiles this track brought.
  • Avatar for streetpoetry
    Another signature Ace track
  • Avatar for Music-Ninja
    Just What The Title Says
  • Avatar for theleft
    love ace
  • Avatar for Blasttheherb
    One of my fav track of all time
  • Avatar for KingSmokey
    probably my favorite track of all time
  • Avatar for ThaBigFish
  • Avatar for MakaveliCro
    It's like yankees, 10 nothing, killin the Sox...
  • Avatar for JonB1982
    great live track for real. and one of my all-time favs without a doubt. it's beautiful, y'all.
  • Avatar for Flesh-n-Bone
    Beautiful track, enough said!
  • Avatar for RyanWillBRB
    My favorite song right now.
  • Avatar for ZipZapRap
    SOMEBODY SAY BEAU-TI-FUUUUL...great live track!
  • Avatar for AlexKarolek
    kinda moving.
  • Avatar for NigelE8992
    beat. is. fire.
  • Avatar for Ruler71
    koolade's best ?!? ace on top
  • Avatar for 1-DeR
    1-DeR is on top of the hot joints, and this one's perhaps one of the best. That beat never gets old, G! There's no other suitable title for this joint. On fucking point!
  • Avatar for PIayer
    A fuckin' PLUS. This is my shit my dude.
  • Avatar for KingCrunch
    Yeah, this one is BEATIFUL!
  • Avatar for S-Kayos
    This beat and the song - beautiful. Favorite song from this album.
  • Avatar for K4mpfkoloss
    this is one of these absolutely timeless tracks.
  • Avatar for anydaynow
    agree with everyone below; flawless.
  • Avatar for Koskelo
    Awesome beat!
  • Avatar for lhwad
    Its like grandma's house..Thanksgiving dinner
  • Avatar for LLCoolD
    my all-time favorite track!!! nothin' can beat that masterpiece! saw it live 2 days ago on the great emc show here in berlin. it was just beautiful. thanks for this wonderful piece of music ace.
  • Avatar for HEAVENLY_M
    it's beautiful...:-) I agree
  • Avatar for NASDAQ1
    it's beautiful...:-)
  • Avatar for jonpwnsu
    great song.
  • Avatar for Zwirekone
    I love this track!
  • Avatar for cottagepie
    One of my fav Ace songs.
  • Avatar for grahamdunne
    i got a lot to say,usually my smile stay locked away..
  • Avatar for Veldrin13
    Great song \o/
  • Avatar for chromegat
    it's beautiful
  • Avatar for bjorN-Z
    amazing beat for sure
  • Avatar for Part2ausgn
    Dope beat!

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