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  • Avatar for daanddaan
    Maybe one of the best songs ever.
  • Avatar for resident-tt
    the song for MA like 'bohemian rhapsody' for Queen
  • Avatar for Liloucat
    Outstanding tune :) <3
  • Avatar for Silaon
  • Avatar for PSEbola
    Great, ever
  • Avatar for white_lemur
    Masterpiece! The best.
  • Avatar for The_Sun_XIX
    I adore this song, it is perfect
  • Avatar for Ronin_Mugen
    How often this must have been sampled.
  • Avatar for werlave
    This is such a masterpiece. I'm so in love with this tune.
  • Avatar for HayleighRayment
    Yes I do of course her pal came and I heard monkeys breathing
  • Avatar for HayleighRayment
    Remember when 4uuuis went to starbucks😃 without me wow
  • Avatar for tele-sebastian
    Probably my most favourite song of all time
  • Avatar for annadmakeeva
    My most favourite song of all time.
  • Avatar for TommyGunAngel
    the best
  • Avatar for HayleighRayment
    Joe banana
  • Avatar for The_Sun_XIX
    this is their best song by far in my opinion
  • Avatar for jmhbluenose
    How anyone can say Teardrop is better is just beyond me
  • Avatar for HayleighRayment
    Something 4uuuis used to love
  • Avatar for tropicalhaze
    oh and one of the classiest music videos of all time! props to Baillie Walsh.
  • Avatar for tropicalhaze
    v yeah, or Eskimo by Wiley or Skeng by The Bug ..or anything by Burial.
  • Avatar for The_Sun_XIX
    Not even teardrop, this is their masterpiece in my opinion
  • Avatar for martin1403
    massive attack is massive good !
  • Avatar for davidbowiegirl
    Amazing song but it makes me sad...
  • Avatar for RIPELIVEJAM
    the crescendo of strings falling away is everything great about music.
  • Avatar for janfwelker
    try to find words
  • Avatar for uptherovers
    Bristolian Trip-Hop at its best
  • Avatar for schtum1
    DeValanten - The video preceded Springsteen by 3 years and the Verve by 6! I think you could say they are the versions! One of those songs that will be a classic of modern music.
  • Avatar for DeValanten
    So emotional string section presence, much dramatic shades! Piano dynamic passages from forte to pianissimo are also wonderful. By the way, video looks like an art-house version of Verve's "Bittersweet symphony" and Springsteen's "Streets of Philadelphia".
  • Avatar for nesluchaynosti
    Pure passion
  • Avatar for Langungon
  • Avatar for miamigirlie
    "Here It Comes" Emeli Sandé & Rick Smith.... if you're interested in Emeli Sande (LUV this track)
  • Avatar for Flynner11
    This song is Emeli Sandé's career.
  • Avatar for pinguar
    this song is so me
  • Avatar for sambattye
    Something about the music in this song scares's kinda creepy. Fantastic song though.
  • Avatar for RadioheadSnob
    It amazes me how little this song has aged, it still sounds as fresh as it did when it was released. Easily one of my top ten songs, ever.
  • Avatar for hildurm
    never get tired of this... mindblowingly good, all the time
  • Avatar for bengt_bangt
    Today I learned, the title was inspired by [artist]Franz Schubert[/artist]'s "Unfinished Symphony"
  • Avatar for Alan2612
    A wonderful tune. Still sounds as good today as it did back in 1991
  • Avatar for jmhbluenose
    Greatest song ever written
  • Avatar for garebear4evr
    Never get tired of this song.
  • Avatar for AntyM92
    Goregous, goregous track
  • Avatar for ojigbe
    great track magnificent video
  • Avatar for y110011001100
    Best song ever written [4]
  • Avatar for BestBritJamesB
    Sharon Nelson and Massive Attack.....with a massive track. Love it.
  • Avatar for beanerama
    Love those matching "clink clink" sounds with the beat. Incredible song.
  • Avatar for 2morrow_come5
    Best song ever written [3]
  • Avatar for I0000days
    Best song ever written [2]
  • Avatar for ph1ltr
    Best song ever written
  • Avatar for guirobles
    @Kaboomsk Who the fuck told you that?
  • Avatar for AdamKadmon8
    classic, drives me to another place always... the lyrics are amazing


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