• Massimo – Hello Dirty 8.4

    25 Jan 2011, 05:25 by utopiantheorist

    What ever happened to this Sicilian guy? Anyway, Massimiliano Sapienza absolutely knew that noise music needed a much needed boost. Usually, most noise artists have to pick between being overly academic (Yasunao Tone) or overly juvenile (Cock E.S.P). Straddling both sides of the divide, Massimo shows a real talent for form.

    The dirty aspect might be seen in the tasteful album art. Or it could also be seen in some of Massimo frame of reference (using pop rock bits, dance bits, thrown into the mix). But he displays a surprising amount of agility in handling the transformation of the songs through his excessive use of volume and bass.

    Right from the get-go you hear the song roaring up into almost unbelievably loud noise. But then, a stop occurs. He uses the silence as a way of messing with your head in this first track, to shock you, much like John Wiese’s album “Soft Punk”. Nor is this sort of stop-gap limited to the first track, he employs a few different times to great effect.
  • the live list.

    19 May 2010, 13:58 by tammy_87