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Mary Prankster was a from the area from the mid-90's through 2005 when the character was retired. Her music was frequently vulgar and often funny with several literary references and styles ranging from to . Her self-described genre was

She collaborated with Colouring Lesson for the song Love Has a Rumble and frequently worked with her friend Val Yumm

She's played as a solo artist and in collaboration with a band. The musicians who have played in her band include Phil "The Machine" Tang, Jon "E. Cakes" Seidman, Dave "E. Rocket" Vergauwen, Mike Lackey, Cord Neal, Matt Collorafice, Terry Klawth, Andy Mabe, Cliff Retallick, Sam McCall and Michael Smith.

The Mary Prankster logo is a variation of the symbol for National Bohemian (a Maryland Beer - commonly referred to as "Natty Bo").

Mary Prankster was most definitely a band to see live. Typically at Baltimore and Washington D.C. shows (gigs close to Mary's hometown), the entire audience would be comprised of Mary fans, singing along to every song. Especially on songs like "Mercyfuck," "The World is Full of Bastards," and "Blue Skies Over Dundalk," it was hard to hear the vocals from Ms. Mary Prankster over the roar of the crowd. Performance only songs, such as "Art Fag Bastard" were also what made Mary performances truly special.

More information can be gleaned from her official website, www.maryprankster.com.

Mary Prankster was truly a "cult hero" and she is missed. She also rocked the last show ever at soundwaves with the afterglows, and thirteen over eight

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