• Syrup that tastes good even after the tenth teaspoon

    8 Jan 2007, 07:57 by cripwalka

    Let's Get It On

    I'm listening to this right now from the "Let's Get it On" vinyl LP, and I got to tell you, the feeling is just unbelievable. As it is every time I put it on.

    I see a pattern in the other sweet soul tracks, Sexual Healing and Let's Stay Together, and it goes something like this:

    First there should be a song, that describes a young man meeting the sweetest girl, and falling in love. Maybe it would be Fall In Love With Me. When they have gotten to know each other, and all this talking starts to go stale and because of the guy is a civilized man, he doesn't go for A Little Less Conversation and instead goes for Let's Get It On. Well, now there should be an ode for being happily together, but it certainly wouldn't be Happy Together. As in any relationship, sometimes things go wrong, and now in this case the girl has a temper, and decides leaves the boy. Maybe the boy didn't value the girl enough (happens too often) and only realized it after it was (almost) too late. …