• Mrd00d's 'Best Albums of 2010'

    28 Apr 2011, 00:35 by Mrd00d

    30. Bad Trip - What Does Not Evolve Must Burn

    29. Skream - Outside The Box

    28. Borgore - Ruined Dubstep

    27. White Hills - White Hills

    26. Omar Rodriguez-Lopez & John Frusciante - Untitled

    25. My Sleeping Karma - Tri

    24. Minus the Bear - OMNI

    23. Broken Bells - Broken Bells

    22. Bluetech - Love Songs to the Source

    21. Opio - Mark it Zero (The Big Lebowski tribute)

    20. Buckethead - Spinal Clock

    19. Chosen Few - New World Symphony

    18. Stone Oak Cosmonaut - Into the Multiverse

    17. Sage Francis - Li(f)e

    16. Marv Ellis - Mental Picture Machine

    15. Del The Funky Homosapien - It A'int Illegal Yet

    14. Amp Live - Murder at the Discotech

    13. Cloudkicker - Beacons

    12. Magic Heart Genies - Cardiac Arrest

    11. Dark Time Sunshine - Vessel

    10. PanaCea - 12 Step Program

    9. Tobacco - Maniac Meat

    8. Farzad Golpayegani - Four

    7. Canvas Solaris - Irradiance

    6. Gogol Bordello - Trans-Continental Hustle

  • Bzangy Groink Playlist 24/9/08

    26 Sep 2008, 23:36 by JyotiMishra

    Tonight's best new track was 'The Beast Is Us' by Braintax. This track sums up why I love hip hop so much more than any rock, indie or other song-form music. It's so powerful, it's the perfect meld of brain and body. The lyrics are ferocious, intelligent and funny and the beat is undeniable. How can you go wrong with shit like this? :

    "Spit 'bout crimes we forget for the sake of our own little tragedy's
    Incidental maladies
    Irrelevant like a fucking Akon ballad is
    The biggest shame of this society we live in
    While we act all spiritual when we're money driven
    It's the way we forget in a hell of a rush
    Like 'If it ain't affecting me, then I ain't too fussed'
    Then there's bombs on the street and us Brits get shaky
    But how can we be shocked - Check our leadership lately?
    They're rattling the sabres, talking 'bout Jesus
    Fundamentalist believers acting like crusaders
    Memories are short over here
    The zeitgeist is a truck that the media steer
  • Eugene Celebration NW hip hop

    14 Sep 2008, 10:32 by greggant

    Marv Ellis who? Man talk about the unknown rocking proper, backed by two female vocalists and sing song hooks, he set the tone for one of the better hip hop concerts I've seen.
    Check his Myspace Profile

    That said, the best act was Common Market. Standing admist a bunch of highschool aged kids, they rocked to it but I doubt they understood the dopeness of RA Scion and his politically laced rhymes. I smiled as he made reference to the small tobacco farmers in the 1900s in the Black Patch Uprising blasting back against large corporate structures. RA Scion sounds better live. In fact he's the only rapper I'd say that about, not even Black Thought that I've seen to this date. 99% of the time I'd take the studio tracks for the auditory experience.

    Headlining the night was Lafa Taylor, Eugene native. For those who don't know, visit here. Lafa is a hip hop and reggae infused artist with a pension for beatboxing. I just can't get on the Lafa Taylor bandwagon. …
  • Birthday Groink Playlist, 30/7/08

    1 Aug 2008, 02:03 by JyotiMishra

    Birthdays are a time for sombre reflection. A time to assay your life, sorting out the glittery bits from the shittery bits. Yesterday was my 42nd birthday, a time for creaking memories of better times to seep out, decades circling like autumn leaves, wheezing harmonia of regret.

    Fuck that! I DJed instead!

    I didn't make a big deal of it before the event, in fact only my closest mates knew I'd deliberately booked DJing on my birthday evening. I didn't want cards, I wanted to play people lovely new music, to see them smile and nod their heads or play stupid air metal guitar.

    And that all happened! :-D

    It could *easily* have gone tits-up but it didn't. Loads of people turned out last night for the second Bzangy Groink at Bar Lisi. I got requests that made me happy (ie, not anything in the current charts), peeps came and asked me what tracks were and it was everything I could have wanted from a birthday.