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Martyn is a Dubstep producer, originally from Eindhoven in the Netherlands. After helping start up an influential Drum and Bass night ‘Red Zone’ in his home city, together with Nymfo, Pressure & mc Jay, he turned his hand to producing, releasing a string of tracks and remixes for labels like Marcus Intalex’s Revolve:r, DJ Flight’s Play:Musik and the Timeless Music group’s L-Plates label.

He has more recently turned his hand to producing other forms of electronic music, starting with the sublime ‘Broken’, a refreshing hybrid of Dubstep and Techno. He has also started his own label, 3024, which promises to further blur the lines between electronic music genres.

Taken from a Press-Release to “great Lengths” - Martyn on himself/live and on his label 3024 he runs with Eosie:

I always like to think my stuff is ‘music for a warm but rainy day’
You know, low frequencies do something to your muscles when you listen
to them. There have been studies of low frequencies contracting your
muscles, and because they contract certain muscles you have the urge to
move, you know, to get rid of that itchy feeling in your arms and legs. So
that would be a reason to dance. I grew up in Eindhoven, and lived in Rotterdam
for five years, both cities are techno and drum & bass strongholds
in Holland, so I am quite sure this has influenced me. Especially Eindhoven,
which back in the day had ties with many Chicago and Detroit artists
through labels such as Djax and Eevolute, and various clubs and DJs in the
city. So, in the early 90s / mid 90s I saw many of those people play and
bought their records. I think what makes music interesting is when an artist
incorporates his/her influences and translates it into a unique sounding
style. Although it might sound a tad arrogant, I’d like to think of my music
as “Martyn music”. I try not to think of it as dubstep or techno, or house or
drum & bass, it’s not about genres, it’s about music. This way I feel more
freedom to make the music I want to make. If you make music and it sparks
something, if it triggers a certain emotion, or even the motivation to get out
there and express yourself in whichever way… that is just great. The position
that I find myself in, both literally and mentally on the outskirts of the
“scenes” has done me good. Does that make sense?

Sound and vision: Martyn on Erosie

Erosie and I do 3024 together. I’ve known him for over fifteen years - we’re
both from Eindhoven. He started his career as a designer, artist and graffiti
artist when I started dj’ing. We stayed in touch and when I used to throw
nights, he would do all the flyer artwork for them. When we started the label,
we decided to make the music and the artwork into one cohesive thing. The
album will be like this as well - it’ll be as much his thing as it will be mine.
Obviously, because it’s an album, people will focus on the music, but the
artwork means just as much as the music does. Erosie’s unique graphic
style is 3024, and the music is 3024 : “Great L engths” represents music for
the ears as well as for the eyes.

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L Plates isn’t L Double’s label; it’s part of the Timeless Music Group, so presumably run by Brillo and co.

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