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  • Three Gates <3
  • Best video game soundtrack of all time
  • yep
  • Such a shame that Martin was removed from Bungie.
  • The Reach score sounds as if Wagner took a trip to west Africa
  • :'( "Halo Composer Terminated “Without Cause” from Bungie."
  • :) Me trae grandes recuerdos escuchar :) estos OSTs
  • Released / Overture / The Menagerie.ιl..ιllιlι.ιl..ιllιlι.ιl..ιι.
  • I hate how they take all the things we love and replace them with different things like the smg why would they take that out
  • halo is my favorite game their music is awesome. halo 3 sound tracks r my favorite tracks
  • yeah very sad
  • The absense on Halo 4 is very much felt...
  • dat ODST score
  • halo 4 cant wait
  • Halo <3
  • Why 'Ghosts of Reach' track has so many listeners? There are so many pieces way sweeter.
  • HALO
  • They won't be making the Halo 4 soundtrack :(
  • The Halo Reach soundtracks are just.. amazing!
  • Halo wouldn't be halo without them [9]
  • Halo wouldn't be halo without them. This is absolutely true. Amazing.
  • Halo wouldn't be halo without them [8]
  • IMO Odst is the worst game but has the best soundtrack by far
  • good thing i reminded you :D
  • i forgot that implications didn't exist outside of 4chan
  • implying outside of 4chan - you need to stop doing that
  • >better cord changes - you need to stop talking
  • I would tend to agree.
  • Am I the only one who feels the Reach soundtrack was the most complete of all the games, the music was on higher level as they fine tuned their craft. There was more emotion and better cord changes. ODST was great, but Reach is above all the other Halo's.
  • Halo wouldn't be halo without them [7]
  • Halo wouldn't be halo without them [6]
  • I've been playing Halo Risk with the room mates and we put on the Halo Soundtrack while we play.
  • Halo wouldn't be halo without them [5]
  • lookin at all those trax i... the only thing i can say is.... HOLY MOTHER OF GOD THATS ALOT
  • Oh damn...these guys gave us so much...
  • Halo wouldn't be halo without them [4]
  • Halo wouldn't be halo without them [3]
  • Nobuo Uematsu is one hell of a great dude when it comes to game musics, and music overall. But hell if these guys arent on the same level, ill buy you all guys a pint.
  • :') fantastic all of it
  • great ost realy great ost
  • Halo wouldn't be halo without them [2]
  • Halo ODST wasn't the best Halo for me but, the atmosphere in the game was amazing.
  • While were on about ODST, we should probably add that when compared to the other Halo games, it's narrative is there in full.
  • Halo ODST & Halo CE are my favourite soundtracks. Halo wouldn't be halo without them
  • Yeah I agree, the Halo 3: ODST Soundtrack is the one I'd put first of all the Halo OSTs. It's beautifully multilayered and refreshing. Marty & Michael surpassed themselves with ODST.
  • Man, I think ya'll are a bit off. Halo 2 is definitely solid, but Halo 3's OST has more going on. To me, it's by far the most complex of the trilogy's. Now, if we are going to talk about his best work, I believe ODST takes it BY FAR. Anyone with taste should be able to see that.
  • Reach's soundtrack is right up there in awesomeness with Halo and Halo 3.
  • These guys are awesome.
  • halo 2 really defined the halo trilogy (and reach) imho. and so did the OST. =).


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