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    25 Oct 2009, 13:43 by nDroae

    Original title: "Two viruses for the price of a bacterial infection"

    Second title: "Funny Nightwish pictures >>> my opinions on music"

    Well, these don't take long to read :-P

    I wrote most of this a couple of days ago.


    LEO_ and Sanguine_Sky and Euphoria_Nemo did this before.

    Made-up questions first!

    Most anticipated albums:
    1. Tarja - What Lies Beneath (2010)
    1. Nightwish Album VII (2011)
    1. Delain - Album III (2010? 2011?)
    2. The Birthday Massacre - Album IV (2010)
    2. Within Temptation Album V (2010)
    3. Liv Kristine - Skintight (2010)
    3. Leaves' Eyes Album IV (an album of new ballads) (2010)
    3. Elis - Catharsis (2009)
    3. ReVamp - debut album (2010)
    3. Kamelot - album... um... nine? (2010) Wow, I didn't realize they'd been around that long. O_o
    3. Eluveitie - Everything Remains As It Never Was (2010)
    4. Anette Olzon - solo album (2010)
    4. Evanescence - Album IV (2010)
    4. …
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    13 Apr 2008, 07:52 by nDroae

    Top Artists for the week ending Sunday 25 February 2007

    (Artist, # of tracks played)

    Aaron Copland 4
    This artist - I mean, American composer of chiefly ballets - exemplifies the issues I'm having with classical music. I bought most of it from eMusic, where you get a 30-minute unbroken cut of a symphony or whatever for 1/10 the cost of the same thing split up into Allegro Vivaces and so on. Naturally, I go for the prior option. The problem is that half-hour tracks take a huge amount of dedication to sit down and listen to, and they don't exactly fit well into playlists. So one of these days I'm hopefully going to split these files and re-compress them at 128K, because the Appalachian Spring Suite is seriously taking up 100Mb and I've only listened to it twice. Or I could just keep it on my external drive.

    I’ve taken to scrobbling fake 31-second tracks with the titles of movements along with such long tracks to even out the submission count somewhat.

    Antonín Dvořák 6
  • Journal Random Archive Dent I - January 19, 2007

    12 Apr 2008, 10:22 by nDroae

    Last year, I wrote 25 pages of bad music blog on Facebook, where no one cares, rather than here, where there are MEAN PEOPLE! I've been intending to trim & transplant for a long time. Here's some stuff.

    The content is going to be whatever I wanted to get off my chest at the time, which at the time would generally be about film scores and Christian music.

    The most I've ever paid out of my own pocket (well, bank account) for an album was $17 for The Ocellus Suite by Martin Kiszko. I heard this music in a 1996 documentary about insects in about 1999. It was a dream of mine to own it from then on, but when extensive online searches last year turned up only listings with nothing in stock, I left a standing bid on Amazon.co.uk; the documentary was originally a BBC production, and Amazon.com didn't even know the soundtrack existed. Two months later my bid was taken up and the CD arrived in pristine condition.

    I didn't originally know it, but this was my introduction to minimalist music. …