• Voicians - Shift EP review

    22 Nov 2009, 14:13 by shamikebab

    Voicians - Shift

    Track Listing:

    Back Down
    To The Core
    Dead End
    Along my Mind
    Goodbye feat. Martin Harp (Celldweller Cover)

    Shift is the second EP by artist and remixer Daniel Voicians. His debut release, 2007's The Inner Frame showed Voicians' ability to meld beautiful orchestral sections with harsh electronic beats. Shift shows the same eagerness to fuse sounds from a variety of different genres. However, Shift has a greater sense of urgency and power to the sound. Without diminishing his first release, you can quickly see how far Voicians has progressed, both in musical ability and general production values. If The Inner Frame was the first tentative steps onto a new world then Shift is a full on invasion.

    The opener, Back Down hits you like the starting pistol of some futuristic conflict, machine gun synths and distorted guitar riffs are beautifully complimented by a haunting…