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  • Avatar for midwestfaggot
    oh i like that stuff
  • Avatar for georgeisbulb
  • Avatar for KylePacheco
    props to these guys
  • Avatar for threewaytie
    when was Megafone released? 2005? 2008?
  • Avatar for nauticalsummer
    Gorgeous music.
  • Avatar for d-fensss
    Long Night Moon is awesome
  • Avatar for rhysdavis1234
    great band. shit.
  • Avatar for RedRightAnkle10
    PARKED CAR enough said
  • Avatar for lagginswag
    mmm satellites
  • Avatar for georgeisbulb
    hello. just recorded an ep. free download here. bewilder - this isn't life, it's just stuff
  • Avatar for TomOnSundays
    Holy shit, nothing but my respect to the guitarists of this band
  • Avatar for StuckPig
    anybody go to the reunion?
  • Avatar for cursive_pulse
    I decided I like this a lot.
  • Avatar for LGS
    yeah, penpal is a little slower. I really love Winter. MONK. The links are right there, dude.
  • Avatar for MOnk4god
    hey guys!where i can download them?
  • Avatar for roberdjp
    I also like them better than Penpal, and they are waaay more mathy than American Football.
  • Avatar for PonKsX
    like them better than penpal.
  • Avatar for Destroyed-room
    this stuff is really good, penpal rules aswell.
  • Avatar for LGS
    I don't even understand why comparing them to American Football is a bad thing. And it's not like they even sound very similar anyway... I dig it.
  • Avatar for newspaperbcf
    winter <3
  • Avatar for sigurrob
    definitely think i like this more than penpal, though penpal are really good. glad i stumbled across these guys too.
  • Avatar for KyleArchibald
    For some reason I always have a strong desire to listen to this band. The first release is so good, and the fact that its just another self release from an unsigned unnoticed band makes it that much better.
  • Avatar for TheloniousL
    Long Night Moon is sooooo good..
  • Avatar for xnormanx
    cant stop listening to this baaaaand
  • Avatar for kaylaam
    how cuold anyone think they are BETTER than american football? they're both great bands...but c'mon..
  • Avatar for BeetsAndBears
  • Avatar for Mikestingray
    agreed with wiidiculous. top band
  • Avatar for MATTPHOTOES
    whats with people and "they sound like american football"? stop comparing.
  • Avatar for xEvyn
    Marquette > American Football, and I've only heard one song.
  • Avatar for set_fires
    i love them so much now D:
  • Avatar for set_fires
    they sound not like AF. rather like penpal.
  • Avatar for teecane
    wowww these guys were awesome
  • Avatar for stevenisaperson
    i really dont think they sound like american football?
  • Avatar for hexagons
    that's why it's funny
  • Avatar for hexagons
    i miss my innocence; i miss not feeling rejected; i miss not feeling bad about having an erection
  • Avatar for hexagons
    this band def wishes they were american footballl, i like em though
  • Avatar for DreamingToFly
    really good!
  • Avatar for xxatticus
    sound like an american football ripoff.
  • Avatar for XXXsexxygirlXXX
    The guys in this band are sooo hottt!
  • Avatar for basketcase1134
    fan of this? The you might like [artist]John Knight[/artist] as well! give it a shot!
  • Avatar for heartstarleah
    I like it!
  • Avatar for allbadendsall
    this band didn't last very long
  • Avatar for meetlike
    this is a great band..
  • Avatar for jebus989
    i disagree with 'lindsorr' and 'SoStark'
  • Avatar for r0flmywaffles
    Lol @ bands that wish they were American Football.
  • Avatar for vincecore
    hi, anybody know where i can find the lyrics?
  • Avatar for Ziggack
    Guitars that sound like twinkling guitars
  • Avatar for flying_debris
    wow...this is like the lowest amount listeners i have ever seen.
  • Avatar for SoStark
    I concur
  • Avatar for lindsorr
    marquette's shout box shouldnt be empty :[

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