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    maroon 5 forever
  • Avatar for GothicaMistress
    ♥ = ♫
  • Avatar for Hiuxing
    I'm cleaning my room and dancing to this song! Oh yeah!
  • Avatar for slave_4_u
    I looooove it
  • Avatar for AmbrosiaJ
    Makes me wanna dance XD
  • Avatar for EricCarrRulez
    love it!
  • Avatar for promisedeyes
    One of their weaker tracks, but still good
  • Avatar for echidna2000
  • Avatar for hsxeric
    First 10 times I heard this song, I hated it. Now I LOVE it.
  • Avatar for cocoflower
    They always manage to put out great music
  • Avatar for SoukainaJ
    the best (a)
  • Avatar for zizzylb
    OH YEAH!
  • Avatar for CharRuge
    I've just added a new pic about Misery in Maroon 5's gallery.
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    Has hecho el scrobbling de este tema 552 veces. El primer scrobbling fue el 21 Jun 2010.
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  • Avatar for shardaisy
    :D i'm gonna get you back.
  • Avatar for arashisu
    I love this song. I like Cleanned up my house dance it! xD
  • Avatar for ChocolatePuppy
    Truly addicting. Just wanna dance & sing to it!!
  • Avatar for kerflunkle
    maroon 5 forever. ;_____;
  • Avatar for fuckyouty1
    love the chorus.
  • Avatar for CommetBoxJunky
    Like most of the video & lyrics, but the ending of both are under par.
  • Avatar for crispolly
    I want do it with Adam. I said. [2]
  • Avatar for lehmelo
    i love the beat but the chorus kinda ruins it for me :P
  • Avatar for latinaflwr
    Love this band.
  • Avatar for materialgirl871
    So freakin' obsessed with this song! 192 Plays :P
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  • Avatar for Jac87branf1
    feel sorry for the guy in the video.
  • Avatar for FellipeD
    O clipe é muuuito bom, apesar dos exageros.
  • Avatar for toxjus
    the best
  • Avatar for souzafe
    love it. [2] '-'
  • Avatar for redrubeie
    You really got me bad!
  • Avatar for fuckyouty1
    Anna V. is so hot though
  • Avatar for vickthegirl
    The music video is kinda gross...
  • Avatar for lori715
    i love maroon5
  • Avatar for naynay1129
    love it
  • Avatar for LaryF
    I want do it with Adam. I said.
  • Avatar for flaming_pie1217
    Yeah, The acoustic version is way better....
  • Avatar for kitzzzza5
    like oh
  • Avatar for Hollyhol2
    Dude, these lyrics are crap! I am in misery, oh yeah? And happy tunes all along? Get out.
  • Avatar for alexwillams49
    I love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for TREVIST
    nice, havent heard this one, its jammin!
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    589.406 scrobblings 64.311 oyentes
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    Has hecho el scrobbling de este tema 534 veces. El primer scrobbling fue el 21 Jun 2010. Este tema es uno de tus favoritos.
  • Avatar for CandlewickPiano
    can't stop listening to it!
  • Avatar for mathht
    addictive [10]
  • Avatar for kespimp
    seen them 2x, once in London, once this past summer...they still rock
  • Avatar for MatthewDominic
    addictive [9]


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