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  • mARCELIno95

    PLEASE DON'T READ THIS. YOU WILL BE KISSED ON THE NEAREST POSSIBLE FRIDAY BY THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE.TOMORROW WILL BE THE BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE. NOW YOU'VE STARTED READING THIS. DON'T STOP. THIS IS SO FREAKY. 1. say your name 10 times 2. say your mom's name 5 times 3. say your crushes name 3 times 4. paste this to 4 other songs. if you do this, your crush will kiss you on the nearest Friday. but if you read this and do not paste this, then you will have very bad luck. SEND THIS TO 5 SONGS IN 143 MINUTES. WHEN YOU'RE DONE PRESS F6 AND YOUR CRUSH'S NAME WILL APPEAR IN BIG LETTERS ACROSS THE SCREEN.

    November 2013
  • danielxdarko

    It's funny, because this song describes how I feel about Adam Levine.

    August 2013
  • nygal28

    I can't stop thinkin 'bout you either :-)

    March 2013
  • Xelestial

    Been years since I heard this song. Brings me back to the summer after graduation...

    July 2012
  • GothicaMistress

    There's something glamorously messed up about this song [ 2 ]

    April 2012
  • GothicaMistress

    doesn't make sence why they would make love to a pillow....ugh and he will sleep on that! AND HE EVEN TOUCHES HIMSELF! D: god i <3 Adam Levine, but OMG! PERVERT!

    November 2011
  • Neon_Spadezzz

    I agree this song is really awesome! There's something glamorously messed up about this song. I like the song a lot.

    July 2011
  • Dying_Dream

    their best :)

    June 2011
  • byeblue33

    They songs are starting to sound the same now, but I think Adam and the guys are underrated as writers of good pop songs about relationships. I like how he tells stories.

    January 2011
  • crystalsimmons

    These guys are fabulous!

    December 2010
  • jakobdorof

    sounds like there was a good idea in ths song, but they kinda fucked it up.

    September 2010
  • charlieedward59

    love this song

    July 2010
  • MellBeatz

    Love them. (:

    July 2010
  • dexcess

    masturbation never sounded so good... well maybe a couple of other times.

    June 2010
  • JackieHale

    love it

    December 2009
  • solitaryxsiren

    He's quite sexy.

    November 2009
  • ericamariee

    this song makes me dance every single time i hear it!

    September 2009
  • olcia0706

    In your library (1,683 plays) xd

    August 2009
  • BritneyFanFeva

    this song needs like major play on here, I play it twice on the way to and from school, damn wasted hit

    May 2009
  • elai116

    great song =)

    April 2009
  • Accessorizze

    great song!!!

    March 2009
  • nierytmicznaa


    February 2009
  • leticia_m

    bom demais!

    January 2009
  • AS31

    maroon 31 :D

    January 2009
  • ocastanar

    A nice track from a nice album.

    December 2008
  • princess_lizzy

    i love maroon 5

    October 2008
  • actress08

    by far nt one of their best!

    October 2008
  • juankysmith

    sorry, this band is shit

    October 2008
  • laukool10

    Damn, the best in this album

    September 2008
  • Patty1star

    Maroon 5!!!

    September 2008
  • aspenlicious


    August 2008
  • Emi_lia

    great song :)

    July 2008
  • danyelle012

    the first album was much much better

    July 2008
  • Rumpeline

    zum Glück gibt es Musik

    June 2008
  • Schalke0404

    Verein der Kackbratzen

    May 2008
  • URgirl1

    I LOVE MAROON 5! the songs are always sexy... even if they aren't trying to be. Good Summer cd.

    May 2008
  • Joybrata

    This song is pretty much a musical description of my time at university =P Amazingly well written lyrics

    April 2008
  • Evanmeads

    That made me think, Maroon 5 should do a Red Hot Chili Peppers cover of their song can't stop. That would be neat.

    February 2008
  • Svartwelfare

    I Can't Stop listen this song... It's great!!!

    January 2008
  • Phix_9

    yeah, the new album is better than the last(first) one

    January 2008
  • superivana

    I LOVE their new album! :D

    December 2007
  • EvermoreRocks

    WTF Why does it say 1 minute it goes like almost 3 minutes

    August 2007
  • EvermoreRocks


    August 2007
  • LauriP_


    August 2007
  • twohitwonder

    i touch myself llike it's somebody elseeeeeeeeeeeeee

    July 2007
  • rct2100

    msem said: Send a Private Message to msem WAKE UP MAKING LOVE TO A PILLOW < BEST WORDS TO COME OUT OF ADAM'S MOUTH EVER msem shouted 26 days ago Oh yes! Has to be my favourite lyric on the entire album!

    June 2007
  • HixxyWitch

    May 2007
  • Tonzinho

    bucetinhaaa !! =P

    May 2007
  • rincandy

    i love them:3

    May 2007
  • msem


    May 2007