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Tuesday 18 June 2013
Community Records 2013 Summer Tour
All People, Caddywhompus, Marloneisha, DollysConcert
Ask a Punk
New Brunswick, NJ, United States

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Thursday 27 June 2013
Werewolves, Taxpayers, Numb Luck, The Great RepressionConcert
Awful Waffle
Greenville, SC, United States
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Friday 28 June 2013
Dénouement, The Great Repression, Echo Base(d)Concert
Paperback Rack
Tallahassee, FL, United States
30.452738 -84.280593
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Saturday 29 June 2013
Gouge Away, Can't Do It, Madison Turner, The Great RepressionConcert
Epic Problem
Tampa, United States
27.966044 -82.410836
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Sunday 30 June 2013
Sleep Patterns, Gouge Away, Brodyn, Everyone's Fault, The Great RepressionConcert
Isaac's House
Ft. Lauderdale, FL, United States
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Tuesday 2 July 2013
Dungeons & Dragons, Birthday Pony, The Great RepressionConcert
House Show
Gainesville, FL, United States
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Wednesday 3 July 2013
Neither Scene Nor Herd, The Great RepressionConcert
New York Pizza
Greensboro, NC, United States
36.06854 -79.805533
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Friday 5 July 2013
The Great RepressionConcert
The Hooyman
Clifton, NJ, United States
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Saturday 6 July 2013
The Great Repression, Most Powerful AstronautConcert
Homeplate Sports Bar
Agawam, MA, United States
42.074766 -72.65649
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