• Help Me Recover My Music, Please!

    22 Jan 2012, 03:32 by STOYOTS

    Two years ago my external hard-drive was broken and I lost a lot of my music.
    Below I've begun to list some of the albums that I've yet to recover, most are difficult to find online. If anybody has anything and is willing to upload for me, I'd be extremely grateful!

    Thank you.

    EDIT (19 Feb 2012): Many thanks to everybody who's helped me so far. I've been able to recover some pretty rare stuff that I didn't think I'd end up finding.

    Still Missing:

    Teenbeaters / Beater / Danny Beater / Dave Milone (ex-Ours) -
    2003-10-29 - Lolita's - New York, NY
    Any music recorded not on the EP "My World, My Sky"

    Libido - Studio92 Voces Desenchufadas (San Isidro) - 1 de diciembre de 2006

    Ours (Jimmy Gnecco) - 21 Dec 2001 - Cool Beans (the 2nd set with "Fallen Souls")

    Smittin - Demos (Marla Sokoloff)
    (UPDATE: I've found 4 tracks from these demos. I'm missing the rest, still. The four that I have are: "Consider It an Insult"…