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According to the birth certificate of this young prolific artist, he was born at two different places simultaneously, which in itself already creates the kind of veil of mystery around him which exists only around the truly great or popular. Having spent the early childhood years in turmoil that preceded the war in Bosnia, his family had to move and finally settled in Podgorica, Montenegro. This is where he was pushed into taking violin lessons at the age of 6. At first his talent was unjustly overlooked and even mistaken for lack of sense for music, which in actuality proved to be impeccable. Nevertheless, Marko’s true passion for music came only at the begging of his teenage years with the discovery of his first love – Radiohead. In fact, prior to this he basically didn’t even listen to any kind of music whatsoever. Hence, as a natural consequence of any 15-year-old’s contact with rock music, he took up playing the guitar. However, unlike most teenage enthusiasts he was exceptionally good at this. Self taught, he soon switched from his old “Mengesh” to electric guitar, and didn’t stop at mere reproducing other people’s works – he started inventing. Supported by his friend and drummer they went on to start a post rock band, which constantly changed its members and formation until its final (and present) incarnation Hej,Poni!. Subsequently, Marko’s talents far exceed only the field of music, so he is presently a student at the faculty of civil engineering in Belgrade. Apart from his work in the band, he had also done several individual music projects, mostly via computer (home production). His work raised most interest and praise at the 2005 Venice Art Biennale when he composed a melody for a video installation “In case I never meet you again” by Montenegrin artist Natalija Vujosevic. Currently preoccupied with his studies, he hasn’t still had the chance to find the idiosyncratic sound that will plough his way to the top, but still continues to produce little pieces of wonder now and then - until the glorious day when both him and the world will be fully prepared for his greatness. Facts: - Being 6'6'' tall he is one of the greatest european musicians alive today - He once wrestled a Narwhale and lived to tell the tale