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Marilyn Roxie (b. December 13, 1989) is an independent composer of instrumental music from California who is influenced by library music, krautrock, video game soundtracks. Taking an avid interest in music at an early age, she is a self-taught keyboardist. Learning favorite video game tunes by ear quickly led to original compositions on an old CASIO keyboard, graduating to a *new* CASIO in 2000, and finally to a Korg Triton LE Workstation (on which most 2005-2009 tracks available have been made) in 2005. She released her first LP New Limerent Object on 6/6/2009.

She released her first album, a compilation entitled Selected Recordings: 2005 - 2007 digitally on Last.fm in March of 2008, following up with Dark Mist EP in May and Bits in June. Her humorous instrumental interpretation of the old Last.fm changing to the new, "Bring Back the Old Last.fm Group Theme" was released in July. I Dreamt of Sound was released in August, an experiment in dream textures. The first release of 2009 was a compilation of previously unreleased material, Rarities and Demos, followed by the Ermine EP in May.


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