• my aggressive list

    23 Sep 2008, 16:14 by hollowspace

    Making this for future reference, will surely keep updating; any suggestions are heartily welcome.

    The Outsider by APC
    Judith by APC
    St. Anger (video version) by Metallica
    Anything But This by Static-X
    Destroy All by Static-X
    Die MF Die by Dope
    Thoughtless live cover by Evanescence
    Para-noir by Marilyn Manson
    Passive by A Perfect Circle
  • Today's Journal: Soft fuzzy bunnies

    6 Dec 2007, 16:05 by djwings

    Too much hate's going around my journals, so I decided to do a shuffle quiz.
    Open up your music player of choice (XMMS! :-) and enable shuffling. Answer the questions with the songs that come up.

    01. Why did you decide to take this quiz?
    Track: I'm Looking Forward to Joining You, Finally
    Artist: Nine Inch Nails
    Comments: Other people did it. :-)

    02. Where will you meet your husband/wife?
    Track: Make Me Bad
    Artist: Korn
    Comments: A dark alley. 0.o

    03. Where will you "hug" your wife/husband for the first time?
    Track: The Day the World Went Away
    Artist: Nine Inch Nails
    Comments: Took me long enough!

    04. What is your secret dream?
    Track: Devil in Jersey City
    Artist: Coheed and Cambria
    Comments: To rule over hell and force the Devil to live in the closest thing.

    05. What song will they be playing at the morgue when they'll perform your autopsy?
    Track: Innerspirit
    Artist: Soulfly
    Comments: ...Draw your own conclusions...

  • Perfect Albums

    2 Jul 2006, 10:30 by secondsabre

    It's so rare, in the world we live in, to come across an album where the whole thing is pretty much gold. Very rarely do I grab an album and like every song on it. Usually I'll only rip half the CD to my computer, just 'cause I really don't wanna hear the songs that I'm more or less ambivilant towards. But every so often, you'll come across an album that is good, all the way through. And it doesn't have to be stellar. As long as every song on it is 'good', at the least, the entire album skyrockets into a place that most musicians can only ever dream of attaining.

    Was talking about this with a friend today, and we agreed that although it's all well and good when an album kinda hooks you all the way through, it's much better when it kinda worms it's way under your skin. My big one right now is A Fever You Can't Sweat Out. At first, one or two songs were good... then another one caught on, as I got tired of the original track I liked. Then slowly, more and more of the album got to me, until I love the whole thing passiontely. …
  • Marilyn Manson - Para-Noir

    18 Jun 2006, 17:14 by NocturnalSpirit

    I fuck you because you're famous.
    I fuck you for your money.
    I fuck you to control you.
    I fuck you so somebody I can have half of everything you own.
    I fuck you to fuck you over.
    I fuck you 'til I find someone better.
    I fuck you in secret.
    I fuck you because I can't remember if I already fucked you before.
    I fuck you out of boredom.
    I fuck you because I can't feel it anyway.
    I fuck you to make the pain go away.

    Fuck you because I loved you
    Fuck you for loving you too
    I don't need a reason to hate you the way I do.
    Fuck you because I loved you
    Fuck you for loving you too
    I don't need a reason to hate you the way I do.

    I fuck you so I can feel something instead of nothing at all.
    I fuck you because you're beautiful.
    I fuck you because you're my nigger.
    I fuck you because I am your whore.
    I fuck you because you are a whore.
    I fuck you for fun.
    I fuck you for fun.
    I fuck you because I can.