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  • H U E T A
  • All my stitches itch, my prescription's low...
  • Idiots compensate missing love with use of hate. Too bad, but that can't be helped.
  • "there's no time to discriminate hate every motherfucker that's in your way" ha! hate is the new love..what a shame
  • <3
  • what's with all the hate in the shout box?
  • ナイス
  • Слишком сладкий ^_^
  • The Death Song, my guilty pleasure. :-)
  • died after he got fat..
  • Manson pays tribute to his hero
  • overrated
  • What the fuck are you hiding behind that makeup? You look like a silly shit with the makeup, but you look more disgusting without it.
  • can't stand listening to his recent albums
  • I'm late, but happy bday, baby. <3
  • Коммерческое говно.
  • Happy birthday king!!!
  • Happy birthday KING, and thank you for your existence ♥
  • happy birthday my love <3
  • I am so in love with him <3 [4]
  • last two albums are perfect
  • Master
  • Marilyn Manson 90's ♥
  • what a kewl dude
  • KING
  • KING! [2]
  • ugh i'm just in love with him
  • ♥ Mechanical Animals ♥
  • 1994-2003 ♥ , 2007-2015 SHIT!
  • I am so in love with him <3 [3]
  • vv His secret is Jesus gave him a blowjob
  • v His secret is being a fucking genius
  • He's been making music for 26 years in spite of that the last album is awesome. What's his secret?
  • Use me like I was a whore ____ Relationships are such a bore ____ Delete the ones that you've fucked
  • <3
  • king.
  • Whenever Killing Strangers comes on I have an urge to watch John Wick.
  • king of pop
  • We need your help guys to bring back old last fm:
  • Mechanical Animals is actually a good glam rock album
  • v deaddd king of bubblegum pop
  • king of pop
  • Bae!
  • Love is evol, Con is confidence, Eros is sore, sin is sincere.
  • Go fuck yourself, One-NightStand, just like each child molester!
  • eat me, drink me
  • obsessed :3 ♥ [2] I am so in love with him <3
  • F*ck Marilyn Manson.


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