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  • Avatar for MarinasMusic
    Very nice :-)
  • Avatar for ammd
    the worst song of Marillion ever. Every fanboy wanted to kill Marillion for this song when it was released. Song recorded to be in top10uk charts. SHIT SHIT SHIT. Hate this shit. No inspiration, no feelings, no expressions.
  • Avatar for neighbourElaK
    zajebisty utwór
  • Avatar for lorando
    adoro tocar essa musica .. é climática,. conceitual,. e nos faz realmente viajar!!!!
  • Avatar for andrepercebom
    Marillion muito linda kayleigh
  • Avatar for VIKH666
    Simply beautiful.
  • Avatar for 78monka
    i never ment to broque your heart...
  • Avatar for Goldfaden
  • Avatar for MBorushko
    lovin it!
  • Avatar for scott917
    dancing in stilettos in the snow.what a great,i never thought i`d here this song again.i love this site.
  • Avatar for heffyxxx
    my niece was named after this song!!!!
  • Avatar for JustysiaUK
    I never meant to broke Your heart...but You broke mine...
  • Avatar for pricca
    Do you remember...?
  • Avatar for yottskry
    @Maku3: the worst track? What about Pseudo Silk Kimono? That's dreadful!
  • Avatar for yottskry
    Well it could have been worse for your boy, futtle: Fish's real name is Derek William Dick ;)
  • Avatar for badisabdelkrim
    pour halim
  • Avatar for futtle
    Almost named my kid Kayleigh because of this song. Turned out to be a boy ... didn't name him Fish though!
  • Avatar for LefterisDel
  • Avatar for dbermudezm
    Eclectic use of keyboards...This is the most popular song by Marillion...I wish you try to listen another songs
  • Avatar for nirolffm
    What a voice and instrumentals.Great!
  • Avatar for kramsmada
    Discovered this song only last year and I love it.
  • Avatar for aviator81
    album version longer guitar solo - very nice one
  • Avatar for PabloAT
    great song, great album...
  • Avatar for aleley
    I never ment to broque your heart............
  • Avatar for mostov
    Great song!!
  • Avatar for a1713
    oh. ; d and I was named after this band ; o
  • Avatar for kaylneil
    I was named after this song, i cant help but think of my past when it comes on. Brilliant!
  • Avatar for kneginja
    obozavam osamdesete
  • Avatar for Macu3
    The worst track of the album, tho still great one.
  • Avatar for KOYOSEIKO
    Their new Album arrived last week ; ''Happiness is the road'' It's Fantastic , the best work they have 'ever' done.
  • Avatar for xEezamanax
    i'm named after this song! :)
  • Avatar for 78monka
    I love this song
  • Avatar for damndevil
    @Maroan12: What the hell???
  • Avatar for Maroan12
    Sounds just like Genesis with Phil in front... And its not a compliment...
  • Avatar for caro_la_loca
  • Avatar for JustysiaUK
    One of the best songs in the whole world!
  • Avatar for harryhogweed
    classic track but prefer longer tracks on album
  • Avatar for Shonu
    Sure a good song, but others on same album or other albums in general are much better, just to "comercial" enough for the normal ear
  • Avatar for DaniGaspar
    juntando os caquinhos de dois corações partidos...bonita canção!
  • Avatar for thegangsta123 then jon this group !!
  • Avatar for faelufs
    great song
  • Avatar for muncyl
    I love this song!
  • Avatar for pupus1
    More than just a song...
  • Avatar for Sportlor
    Ich hab das ganze Album auf dem Rechner, die Songs sind einfach SUPER, Super Musik.
  • Avatar for Harley_Quin
    Gorgeous, simply reference.
  • Avatar for VIKH666
    a classic!!
  • Avatar for ivanviragine
    This is the shortned version, but stills great.
  • Avatar for enderg
    perfect song
  • Avatar for Nikkidm
    sweetness of a song
  • Avatar for Genesis301


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