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  • YES
  • Where is she now? I miss her. [2]
  • I dig her voice
  • stunning
  • "Swimming Through Stone" is one of the most appeasing songs I have ever heard
  • carai essa mulher é boa dms jesus
  • Where is she now? I miss her.
  • mariee marry me
  • her voice is like.. a breeze blowing from the forest
  • Thank you.
  • o.o
  • Since there seems to be some interest: I recently spoke with Mariee and she told me that she's currently in the process of getting Faces in the Rocks rereleased on vinyl; she successfully bought the rights back from the record label that had them with a Kickstarter campaign recently. Look for some news from her soon on this topic :)
  • Suas músicas me fazem arrepiar.
  • Gift for the End is fulfilling and truly just a wonderful compliment to the fall season that is now among us. Also, her lyrics, on this album and Faces in the Rocks, are pleasing little pieces of surreal-folky-mother-milk-meadow, inspiring, dreamsicle whirlwinds of leaves that fall from trees
  • это так освобождающе
  • new album is gorgeous!
  • Where could I buy Faces in the Rocks like a decent normal price? Love her to death...
  • the cure cover is pure gold
  • i love you mariee
  • where is download the discography?
  • Really charming and magic evening in Koeln. Hope I'll see in Poland some day! :-)
  • i'm desperate to see her live in greece[2]
  • gift for the end came today loving life <3
  • I'm desperate to see her live in greece
  • Heart caressing kinda stuff.
  • [url=http://soundslikebliss.wordpress.com/2012/03/18/mariee-et-son-folk-nature-linvasion-hippie-continue/]Review of "Gift for the End" on Sounds Like Bliss[/url].
  • May I add, Mariee's lyrics are very poetic and beautifully written.
  • v I thought the same, but it's a grower. Even though it might not be as enchanting as Faces, the "magic" is still there. It takes a few listens to truly enjoy it.
  • How?
  • we so ~magical~
  • i'm sorry but i lol so hard at the conversations white people have about us natives
  • Faces In The Rocks >>> Gift for the End... Still lovely, but I feel the flute was part of what made her first album so magical. BTW, Almost Musique is SUPER FAST: ordered the album yesterday evening and received it this morning... still can't believe it o_O
  • New album is great, but "Faces In The Rocks" is still PERFECT »» her best album, for sure! ♥♥♥ ...... (I miss the flutes/mandolins ...)
  • Yeah many of the songs on the new record are re-recordings of old ones from her first self-released album or played live long ago. Can't complain though!
  • The new album is lovely. I was hoping for more new songs, but I'm not complaining - I love it anyway.
  • New album at last... this has to be one of the best news of 2012! The preview sounds typical of her and not very innovative, but either way it's beautiful. I'm definitely buying it!
  • @RedArmada: i do believe she is Paiute (eastern CA/western Az/Nv), with a little Hungarian thrown in . check out the salt song trail songs of the paiute if you can; rich oral/natural history in song
  • was Siouxsie Sioux a member of a first nations community? but anyway, Mariee definetly looks like she coud be
  • Is she a member of a native community or nation? Because if not this is some serious cultural imperialism going on.
  • How is she in the "vein of Joanna Newsom"?
  • so beautiful and touching! i love her!
  • r_m
  • Oh, cannot wait for the album! ♥
  • v omg amazing news!
  • new album!! http://www.almost-musique.com/projects/62/mariee-sioux-gift-for-the-end
  • marry me mariee
  • Swooon!
  • Pleasant, I'm particularly fond of the wind instruments.
  • new stuff plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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