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Marie Dior is an exciting and prolific experimentalist. His aesthetic and sound were forged in the bowels of a thriving Black Metal scene in Portugal. Now he takes Black Metal's darkness, intensity and occasional humour and sifts it through an electronic funnel with gorgeous results.

Marie Dior is the alias of Portuguese electronic music producer Diogo Correia. With several albums and Ep's already released, Diogo chose to evolve over a defiant electronic output, with an amazingly controlled style. While Dancing Hardcore had a more aggressive feeling to it, almost invading the audience personal space, Encore Again Encore, released two years after on Aural Sects, is a much more introspective album.

Marie Dior's latest material is now on the verge of a new path of both transmission and interpretation. With Untitled States of Self, his latest album, one has a completely new message to absorb, as he creates a long set of experimental industrial/ambient tracks that defy rhythm itself. He continuously creates new things day by day, and whatever comes next, it is guaranteed to surprise who ever come across it.


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