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  1. ex- Marie Chante Quelle Elle Telephone
    Marie Chante Quelle Elle Telephone was formed in 2008.

    Their music can be described as a combination of…

  2. Belarusian young screamo band from Minsk, founded in 2008.

    Jan - drums
    Alex - guitar
    Victor - guitar
    Stas - bass, vocals
    Andrew - vocals



  4. Namatjira is a screamo band from Tula, Russia.

    The band was formed in the beginning of 2008 and all the members are engaged in different…

  5. Date Rape is a screamo \ punk-band from Kiev, Ukraine, formed in 2010.

    Alexander Dex - vocals
    Oleg - guitar
    Sergey - guitar
    Roma - bass…

  6. Marschak (or Маршак in Russian) … the best mix of screamo (Marschak) / post-hardcore (Relict)
    Band formed in Moscow, Russia in 2001.


  7. There are more than one projects named Pale Hands.

    1) Screamo band from St. Petersburg, Russia formed in 2012
    VK |BC | FB

    Пока я в силах…

  8. состояние птиц (can be translated as 'condition of birds' and pronounced as 'sostoyaniye ptits') was formed in 2009 in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.…

  9. 1) Screamo/Hardcore band from Moscow (Russia).
    2008 - Kasatka - s/t

    The band split up in 2008.

    2) Grindcore/Fastcore band from Limburg…

  10. My son, my home and my tree was an experimental screamo band from Moscow, Russia. They formed in 2007 and released 2 demos and the self-titled…

  11. There are at least two bands called Minaret.

    Minaret is an emoviolence band from Moscow, Russia, which was formed in April 2011.


  12. Saint Petersburg, Russia

  13. Five-piece screamo band from Arkhangelsk and Novodvinsk (North of Russia). They started something like in the end of February 2009. Their first…

  14. Screamo/post-something band from Moscow

  15. There are several artists called "Optimus Prime":

    1. Russian screamo band from Moscow.

    Optimus Prime was a Moscow DIY screamo band. They started…

  16. screamo from Kaluga, Russia

  17. Screamo band from Saint Petersburg, Russia.
    Formed in 2012.

    Ruslan — guitar, vocal
    Artem — bass, vocal (The Homeless Is Dead, Minaret,…

  18. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  19. VK | Facebook | Tumblr | Bandcamp

    Fast and furious parts of hardcore of 00-s mixed with 90-s emo harmonies.
    Barnaul, Altai Krai, Russia. Since…


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