• Interview by Vents Magazine

    23 Jun 2012, 21:58 by MariaElena53

  • Reviewed by "Indie Music Reviews"

    22 May 2012, 15:43 by MariaElena53

    This is the review I received from "Indie Music Reviews":

    Maria Elena Sanchez

    It is never too late to release music as it is timeless and this can be said for poet and musician Maria Elena Sanchez. She was born in 1953 and as of April 16 2012, she has finally decided to release her collection of songs. Music is not something that all of sudden popped into her life rather it was more of a hobby as Maria had other life issues to deal with that left no time to pursue music professionally. Her appreciation for all types of music has lead to incorporate so many that it is hard to classify her music but oddly enough it all fits together so well. She tries to incorporate this appreciation into her music and not stick to a formula. Her songs include a mixture of lyrical content and no lyrical content (instrumental). There is something oddly engaging about instrumental music. However, Maria's "My Collection-Dance Medley" is a strong enough song to make any listener still feel a connection. …