• RskimB


    July 2010
  • Fuchikoma9000

    Tag as "Silly Goose"

    July 2010
  • mariep88

    maria, your hands are oily [2]

    June 2010
  • CubiqueZirqoni

    "I want a Toyota Forerunner SR-5 Limited, with a leather interior, that runs on DREAMS AND STARLIGHT"

    June 2010
  • methlabforcutie

    shut up, maria bamford.

    May 2010
  • sawnasunder

    maria, your hands are oily.

    May 2010
  • Sulisk

    Mega stuff

    April 2010
  • wolfpartyjoe


    February 2010
  • molly______

    this isn't the sandman

    February 2010
  • probabilitywave

    Best comic ever.

    February 2010
  • theloudestfire


    January 2010
  • NeonNoise

    Maria, you are blowing my mind with your colors!

    January 2010
  • BenMech

    All Hail the Bammer!

    January 2010
  • Bloodzie

    Haha, damn when I heard that "Alicia Keys" part!

    December 2009
  • mutexplosion

    Unwanted Thoughs Syndrome is seriously hilarious. I want to listen to her other stuff! I also want to give her a big hug and/or a high five at some point.

    November 2009
  • distantpanic

    and then he started cheating... especially at magnetic travel scrabble. "kickinit" is NOT a word.

    November 2009
  • Lemonpjb

    she's so awesome

    October 2009
  • Trossles

    My skin's getting softer, but it makes my bones jut out, so I'm half soft, half sharp!

    September 2009
  • Mephostophiles

    But I /am/ a gelatinous encephalopod with no friends or prospects. ):

    September 2009
  • livingend287


    August 2009
  • Sulisk

    Love all that I have heard so far

    July 2009
  • jackbusch

    She was on Wiretap with Jonathan Goldstein in two episodes: The Quick Fix, doing a team building exercise and Life and Afterlife, doing some atheist outreach:

    July 2009
  • Yonder

    Love her.

    June 2009
  • hermanator05

    she's cute as a button and a silly goose.

    May 2009
  • Roogba

    just saw her last week! freaking hilarious!!

    April 2009
  • Babylonian

    The comedy death ray bit is fabulous. [2]

    March 2009
  • kivitel

    It is never inappropriate to comment on how a woman looks.

    February 2009
  • Menschdefekt

    eccentric comics are always the funniest. that's why Dane Cook is so lame :3

    February 2009
  • heypigyeayou

    love, love, love, love ,love

    January 2009
  • Taladel

    I <3 Maria Bamford a /lot/. I normally don't normally dig female stand-up comics, but she is brilliant.

    January 2009
  • Ozols

    Haha. "He's either a chef or a pope."

    October 2008
  • Trossles

    So you always be comin' in the restaurant, with yo cufflinks so shiny and bright. SO WHAT YOU DO???? Mmmmmmmm that sounds intrestin'. TOO FUNNY.

    October 2008
  • anti_hero121

    not many female comedians out there. she makes me laugh though.

    September 2008
  • beddoes99

    You just had your time wasted, by the beast.

    August 2008
  • Evanmeads

    Saw here on Comedy Central, Absolutely great.

    July 2008
  • Ozols

    Just listened to Burning Bridges, she is beyond brilliant. It's good to know Amy Sedaris and Kristen Schaal aren't the only funny women out there.

    July 2008
  • Ozols

    She's hilarious and hot, total package.

    July 2008
  • RoQnRollMartian

    Is she like the comedy I like, which is barrel chested Polynesian men telling caustic one liners?

    April 2008
  • Fuchikoma9000

    Maria is a silly goose.

    February 2008
  • ledgic_13

    i love her, fuckin funny ,and her voice is so frickin sexy...

    November 2007
  • pokolo

    cute, funny and weird :D

    August 2007
  • closedmouth

    She is damn funny

    July 2007
  • TheMaestro21

    Lots of pics up waiting for votes.

    March 2007
  • The_Anti_Scene

    The Burning Bridges tour is brilliant, I say!

    October 2006