• Marge Litch: Fantasien (1991)

    6 Apr 2006, 19:04 by Progbear

    Japan’s Marge Litch get too little credit. They were making their brand of fantasy-oriented as far back as 1986, fronted by the operatic female vocals of Junko Sera (née Nakagawa) since 1989, beating both Rhapsody and Nightwish (the closest bands in style to them that I can hear) to the punch by several years.

    Of course, the obscure nature of much of their output, coupled with the fact that their entire 80’s output was released only on cassette, contributes to their unknown nature among prog-metal fanatics. That, plus it took a while for them to get really good. This was their first “proper” album from 1991, the first to be released on CD. While it’s musically got all the right requirements for a bombastic, conceptual classic, the band had not arrived yet. The production is absolutely deplorable, the keyboards (courtesy of guitarist Yoshiteru Yokoyama) thin. Also, Junko Nakagawa’s voice is still in “squeaky baby-doll” mode. Her voice would grow by leaps and bounds over the next three albums.