• Best shows of 2006. Woohoo.

    9 Jan 2007, 09:21 by ohmygoodness

    Okay I know I'm a little late here but I'm going to now do my annual.. "Best shows of 2006" list thing. Woohoo

    Okay to start things off I'll start off with the first show I went to in 2006.

    Goldfinger & Reel Big Fish
    @ the Croation Cultural Centre on Jan 6th.
    Zebrahead played too but they weren't that great. Reel Big Fish and Goldfinger were really good. Totally brought back memories of 8th grade. It was some good times.

    @ GM Place on Jan 27th.
    I don't remember who opened but Coldplay were really, REALLY good. They normally put me to sleep (sad to say) but their live show was awesome. Lots of balloons, lots of lazers not to mention rad Johnny Cash covers to boot!

    Relient K
    @ Croation Cultural Centre on Feb 24th.
    Relient K is one of my guilty pleasures and they were really good live. There were a lot of Christian youth groups there and they knew all the words. But anyways, Relient K were good and deserve the attention finally.