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Marcelo Castelli got his first Dj residency in 1987 at a club called Graffiti, the one and only underground club at that time ,and he was one of the first Dj´s in playing electronic music in Montevideo,Uruguay After a few amazing years in that club and playing in Punta del Este in the summertime,he went to Spain for a few months to spent the summer of 1990 in Ibiza and Sitges(Barcelona).

Back from there ,he got his second Dj residency in one of the most memorial clubs in Montevideo called Kool Kat,big dancefloor,great sound system and better crowd ,it was the first big club holdind a capacity of 2500 people with a 100 electronic music concept.

In the begining of year 1991 he went to feel the Amsterdam and London club experience wich was amazing,and got ready for the second year of Koolkat.

In 1992 Koolkat was bought by the french "Locomotive" and Castelli spent two more years as the resident DJ. He also got the oportunity to travel to Paris twice (1992 / 93 ) for playing at the original "Locomotive" club and buying records.
By that time (1992) he started to learn and compose the first tracks with his friends R.Cieri and G.Bravetti.

The only instrument they had was an Sampler Ensoniq ASR 10 and with that they made some pretty good tracks like Marcha and Love wich they were the first radio and club hits in the area.

Castelli hasn´t stop improving and producing from that date until now.
1994 Was a very fun year where he spent almost all summer in Ibiza and preparing his 1st solo Cd .
1995 - He did the Zoo Club resident.This was one of the most crazy clubs in Montevideo. Great parties ,great music lots of fun .
1996 - He did Deeper Club residency and played there until 1998. By this time he had already 3 cd´s released with original tracks in Uruguay.
1999 - After his first residency in Space in Punta del Este in the summer one of the most famous clubs in Southamerica in that time ,he got a residence in Ciudad Boliche .He also released his 4th cd wich was called Disco 2000 with the fantastic musician G.Ackerman
2000 - He did his first radio show called Evolucion and played at Milenio Club one of the most undergound clubs in the city on Fridays and Complejo Bordeau on Saturdays .
2001 - After playing in La Morocha in Punta del Este several times that summer he did W Lounge all year until late 2002. By that time he decided to send his new tracks to Uk labels ,and very short time he got a few good contracts with Low Pressings and Kismet Records to release 6 records 12 ".Since that until today he hadn´t stopped siging deals with labels from Europe ,Usa and Canada .
2003 - After an amazing summer in Punta del Este playing at Camel Tent, La Morocha, and Gorritti Island , Marcelo Castelli started his world Tour in Zurich,and visited 4 continents and more than 20 countires ,doing more than 1.000.000 Kms around the world.

At the moment Marcelo Castelli is playing all around the world and at the best club and parties in Montevideo.

At the moment Marcelo Castelli has more than 80 originals tracks,more than 30 records and more than 30 remixes released in excellent labels such as - Kismet, Low Pressings, Hooj Stereo-Productions, Musiq, Fluential , Cream, Illustrious, Release Records, Referense Records, En Soul, Votu, Vibra/Universal, Xplosion Records, Wanted, Boncho, Jelley Bean Records and House Work. Muzik magazine called him the South American maestro when "Sonar" ,signed to Kismet Records, hit the streets in April 2002. It reached number 13 on the UK based magazine Muzik Magazine as well as high placement on Djs charts from around the globe.
Sonar (Kismet Records) was included in the Best Essential Mix of the year released by Sander Kleineberg in BBC Radio 1.
With more than 15 years experience as a dj and 10 years as a producer Marcelo Castelli has now travelled over a million kms around the world playing his music in 4 continents and more than 20 countries for crowds in Moscu,Hong Hong ,Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, London, Ibiza, Oporto, Algarve, Montreal, Miami, Atlanta, Mexico city, Acapulco, Panama, Guatemala, Bogota, Barranquilla, Cali, Medellin, Lima, Santiago de Chile, San Pablo, Porto Alegre, Cordoba, Montevideoand Punta del Este.

Almost all his tracks were played in Radio 1 and Kiss Fm in Uk and many other radios from around th world.
The versatility of his productions have allowed him to release tracks such as Caveman, Sonar, and Raices, all tracks that make you go mental without loosing the dancefloor feeling.

Tracks like Tribalismo, Jungleman ,Tambores del Sur or On Drums that are pure tribal house as it's best and have proven to rock many dancefloor's around the world.

It's no wonder why some of the top progressive and tribal jocks are choosing ouse Marcelo's tracks on a routine basis.

Dj´s Playing his music:
Among those that are showing their support are Sasha, John Digweed, Danny Tenaglia, PeteTong, Deep Dish,Dave Seaman, Seb Fontaine, Danny Howells, Satoshi Tomiie, Steve Lawler, Nick Warren,Timo Maas,Chris Fortier, Dj Nukem, Chab, Dj Gogo, Sander Kleinenberg, Flash Brothers,Peace Division,Chus and Ceballos,Saeed and Palash Tom Stephan,Peter Bailey and the list goes on and on He had played in the San Pablo Fashion Week one of the most important Fashion event in the world and also made the music for one of the best brasilean designer Ricardo Almeida parade.

One of his track co productions with G.Bravetti ,El Mambo was included in the Jackie Chan film The Tuxido for a Dream Works prodcutions.
His remixes of Los Tangueros for Bajo Fondo Tango Club (Vibra/ Universal) had riched number 2 in the Bilboard Club Play chart recently.
He has been invited to make a conference and play at the November 2003 Dj Dance Acapulco Conference.

- Marcelo Castelli - Caveman (Kismet) - UK
- Marcelo Castelli - Sonar (Origianl/Rui Da Silva Remix) (Kismet) - UK
- Marcelo Castelli - Espacial/Aborigen (Kismet) - UK
- Marcelo Castelli - Tribalismo (Low Pressings) - UK
- Marcelo Castelli - Tribalismo (Hooj) - UK
- Marcelo Castelli - Tambores del Sur /Jungleman (Low Pressings) - UK
- Marcelo Castelli - Jungleman (Jellybean Records) - Usa
- Marcelo Castelli - Raices/Better Days (Low Pressings) - UK
- Marcelo Castelli - On Drums/Tribal X Press (Stereo-Productions) - UK
- Marcelo Castelli - Southamerica (Musiq) - Switzerland
- Marcelo Castelli - Colapso (Original /Jaytrip Wire Rmx)(Release Grooves) - Canada
- Marcelo Castelli - Montevideo (Release Grooves) Canada
- Marcelo Castelli - La Vaina E.P (Referense Records) - Usa
- Marcelo Castelli - Funk E.P (Boncho) Spain

Co Productions
- Castelli,Chus y Ceballos - Quimera (Fluential) UK
- Marcelo Castelli vrs Funky Junction -Dum Dum Dum (Votu) - Italy
- Marcelo Castelli vrs Funky Junction - Dum Dum Dum (Housewrok) - Switzerland

- Rythm Alliance - Elements of Percia (Marcelo Castelli Remix) Wanted
- Elias - Burning Drums on Fire (Marcelo Castelli Ipanema mix) Stereo -Productions
- Peter Bailey - Train of Thought (Marcelo Castelli Rmx) En Soul Records
- Peter Tha Zouk vrs Di Simmon - Enchantments (Marcelo Castelli Rmx)
- Fex - Low Hand (Marcelo Castelli Tribal Mix) - X Plosion
- Fex - Low Hand (Marcelo Castelli Hypnotic ) -X Plosion
- 16 B - The Game (Marcelo Castelli Tribal Deep) - Hooj
- 16 B - The Game (Marcelo Castelli Deep Candome) - Hooj
- 16 B - The Game (Marcelo Castelli Remix) - Hooj
- Space Lovers - Space Lovers (Marcelo Castelli Vocal) - Illustrious
- Space Lovers - Space Lovers (Marcelo Castelli Dub) - Illustrious
- Paris and Sharp - Aphrodite (Marcelo Castelli Sahara Mix) Cream Records
- Paris and Sharp - Aphrodite (Marcelo Castelli Sahara Dub ) Cream Records
- Stefano Sorrentino - Sans Egal (Marcelo Castelli Tribal Dub) Cream Records
- Bajo Fondo Tango Club - Los Tangueros (Marcelo Castelli Tribal Dub)Vibra/Universal
- Bajo Fondo Tango Club - Mi Corazon (Marcelo Castelli Dub) Vibra /Universal

Tracks included in Cd´s Compilations:
- Sonar - Peace Division (Nite Life) - UK
- Raices - Saeed and Palash (Tide Edit 7) - USA
- Tribalismo - Further by Red Jerry (Hooj) - UK
- Tribalismo - Band and Blanc ( White Party) Canada
- On Drums - One Year of Iberican Sound Mixed by Chus and Ceballos - SPAIN
- Southamerica - Dj Nukem - Seduction - Switzerland
- Dum Dum Dum - Dj Antoine - Summer Anthems - Move Recordings - Switzerland
- Dum Dum Dum - House Experience - Heaven Music - Greece
- Dum Dum Dum - Daniel Desnoyers - Dkd D Noy Muzik Inc - Canada
- Dum Dum Dum - The Best of Tribal House - 2 Dance - Portugal
- Jungleman - Tribal Pleasures (Mixed By NYC Tribal Masters T-Pro And Angel C)

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