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  • echuus


    June 2013
  • Kuggles

    Your turn is a true gem, the whole album is very innovative! Masters of the Internet FTW!!

    June 2013
  • Punk-Fiction

    Your Turn is super nice.

    June 2013
  • oaquard

    Heh Party Intellectuals was great and I usually don't like Marc Ribot

    June 2013
  • owlies

    heard this for the first time and thought it was alejandro escovedo

    May 2013
  • furoby

    wooooow morphine detected =)

    May 2013
  • Eddie_imp


    April 2013
  • MilesBachman

    pre-order now! http://northernspy.11spot.com/ceramic-dog-your-turn-pre-order.html

    April 2013
  • MilesBachman

    and it's great!

    March 2013
  • MetalPunkRocker

    They'll release a new album on April 30th!

    February 2013
  • restinagony

    I am a huge Ribot fan, but I was strangely disappointed by Party Intellectuals.

    July 2011
  • Leg_Teaser


    April 2011
  • AllFunkNoLuck

    saw them live in Norway and they way Ribot shredded his guitar and at the same time managed to pull of some noisy melodic solos totally blowed my mind. His sound is such a perfect mix of fuzz, noise and madness, but at the same time he is directing this madness into great music. Their cd is ok, the live cd better, but live is just of another world.

    July 2010
  • korhanerel

    They are amazing live, much better than the album, which is also quite good.

    April 2010
  • rodolfman

    Not my favorite Ribot's collaboration, but there are some good songs, not all of them.... But I bet it's great seeing them live.

    December 2009
  • imaginarypetbat

    Anyone notice there's no Shrek to be found anywhere on this site?

    November 2009
  • Zero_my_hero

    they are fuckin' unbelievable in live :D

    October 2009
  • missmathcore

    uuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh ja ja ja ja !!!

    October 2009
  • patalach


    September 2009
  • tamtu_


    August 2009
  • linc-

    какие же они крутые!!!!!!

    August 2009
  • trillion1

    This Saxephone is enjoying itself

    April 2009
  • nullpunkt

    Sorry to be a little heretic here, but I think Marc's best band is still "Rootless Cosmopolitans", especially on the self-titled LP. "Party Intellectuals" has good moments and is listenable overall, but sometimes it seems that the compositions (or musical ideas) themselves are pretty generic, and it's basically Ribot's solos that save them...

    April 2009

    Amazing Muuuusic ^::*

    April 2009
  • Steppencat

    Щячло, ЩячлО!!

    March 2009
  • sarahlovesbobbi

    To all UK fans - Don't miss Marc solo in his only UK show in his up coming European tour. Set in beautiful and intimate venue this promisses to be very special gig. Sunday 8th March 2009 Taylor John's House, Coal Vaults, Coventry CV1 4LY www.tinangeltickets.co.uk www.wegottickets.co.uk

    February 2009
  • metawirt

    Streamable/tag-able tracks of "Party Intellectuals" are listed under the wrong name "Mark Ribot's Ceramic Dog" here...

    January 2009
  • mrk_d

    so good

    January 2009
  • selim714


    December 2008
  • Grindfucked

    makes my happy

    November 2008
  • Mariss_Rill

    I was at their concert at the Bimhuis in Amsterdam last thursday. It was their last show at the end of their tour, and I was really blown away. Although I have seen them before only once, their material was really more cohesive instead of really good jams. I was really blown away by their performance, bought the album immediately!

    July 2008
  • nonasumy

    Dank Holger Luckas - http://www.radioeins.de/programm/sendungen/freistil/playlists/080708_2304.html - am 12.07.08 - http://hkw.de/de/programm2008/wassermusik/_wassermusik/wasser_detail.php (Bild auf der rechten Leiste) - eine grandios martialische Surf-Version gesehen bzw. gehört. Bin deutlich kein Free-Jazz-Fan + trotzdem gnadenlos begeistert ;-)) nomy

    July 2008
  • SpoonRiver

    people are fuckin' sleepwalkin'

    July 2008
  • poppyrocky

    Half-way thru The Doors cover. First track and I am awestruck. Can't wait to hear the rest!!

    July 2008
  • jonig4


    October 2007
  • jonig4


    July 2007