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    Check out ThrashGangsters new video clip "Terror Has Begun"
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    This band was fucking killer and it's too bad that they disbanded.
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    porra boa
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    Puro thrash de la vieja escuela, una delicia para los oídos y un modelo de hacer música que se echa de menos. Muy muy recomendable
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    I highly doubt this band is back seeing as how the bass, and guitar players are now members of Warbringer. They only got back together for one show last year, and had Warbringers drummer fill in as a member. If anything they may continue it as a side project, but nothings surfaced on any chance of new material in the future.
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    murdered to death is one of the best thrash metal songs
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    ok don't get my hopes up unless theres a link proving they've returned.
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    Great Old School Thrash Metal, cool riffs! [2]
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    Mantic Ritual is back, we're waiting for new album, guys!
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    Old fucking thrash!!!
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    эх, заебись трэшачок играли
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    why did they split up :(
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    Damn, I already miss this band.
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    Still alive?
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    @Sainterror заебал уже своим спамом.
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    Not bad. Worth the $10.
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    @luiz is that real? shit then :'(
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    Fucking nice thrash record, sounds like Metallica on KEA era. But since the singer and drummer left, this band is fucked up.
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    These guys make great and harder thrash.
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    meltdown was way better. i was listening to these guys when they had 1000 plays hahah
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    loving the riffage on executioner. you don't need anything more. thrashtastic! \m/
  • Avatar for Paulo_UxFxTx
    DAN WETMORE,Please,back to the THRASH!!!
  • Avatar for robinl08
    pretty good !
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    I dig.
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    Fuck, these guys are good.
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    Those guys sounding pretty good!
  • Avatar for idiotmoron
    hell yeah
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    Catchy stuff, they got potential
  • Avatar for warslaught
    Addictive and catchy stuff. Solid production
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    They're probably my favorite new Thrash band, though some of their riffs sound the same as others. Executioner - Mad Butcher. Next Attack - Jesus Saves (opening riff). etc
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    Sounds pretty good, but I'm pretty sure that first riff from One By One is taken from Agent Steel.
  • Avatar for killthedeal
    keep thrashing guys!
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    It's been a while since I've found an album I've enjoyed from start to finish. I'm glad to say that Executioner has broken that rut. You guys have an original sound.
  • Avatar for patifly
    woa- nice riffs, really. I like that stuff! BUT: this damn and boring blast beat elements are pretty annoying. Get a new drummer, you're way too good for him. =D
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    You guys are fucking sick
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    These guys play solid stuff
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    Conjuration of evilness, to end your life, bleed to suppress. Army of hell through sonic sound, tortured body, too profound. Destruction, from down below, the resonance of hell will flow. On your knees, eat your lies, the speed of evil will now arise. awesome lyrics!
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    Hey check out the new Mortal Infinity EP and download it for free here in!!!!
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    I'm glad that fellas like these are carrying the flag
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    Old school Fucking Thrash Yeah !
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    sehr gut
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    All their songs are kickass
  • Avatar for Thrashaholico
    Thrashatonement is a kickass song
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