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  • Bixley

    I love this so much. I hope Damien revisits electronic music cuz Mansion Closets project was fantastic

    March 2014
  • Tecfan

    want a new album [3]

    January 2014
  • oftreebeard


    September 2013
  • roemilca111

    want a new album [2]

    July 2013
  • Tecfan

    want a new album

    November 2012
  • adhoclobster

    I can't believe how few people know about this [2]

    March 2012
  • gaiusmanlius

    I can't believe how few people know about this

    November 2011
  • VauxTheDanny

    Sex in mp3 form.

    September 2011
  • KBreezy

    Like Matt and Kim if they were more like the Postal Service. It's indie pop but really great electronica backs up their entire sound and provides depth to what would otherwise be shallow hipster-trash.

    June 2011
  • kulpdogg

    <3 you have no idea how much I love this stuff. Please make more!

    February 2011
  • a_spiral_eye

    lol i was gonna comment what i already commented but i already commented it

    January 2011
  • ivyisawake

    I fell in love.

    January 2011
  • Billo_Birillo

    Oh man... <3

    January 2011
  • a_spiral_eye

    booo juli

    October 2010
  • meggoog

    damien doll face

    July 2010