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  • Avatar for ValeronMEN
    flyyyy awayyyy to a rainbow in the skyyyy \m/ [2]
  • Avatar for Chrilu
    Great spirit, thunderbirds fly- we are wild and free... I miss the great days of this band.
  • Avatar for tnthuman
  • Avatar for DARKZSOU7
    Fight fight fight fighting the world!
  • Avatar for Keeganab
  • Avatar for Haohmaru69XXX
    blow your speakers
  • Avatar for SimplyAGhost
    Others bands play, Manowar KILL!
  • Avatar for Chrilu
    The production / mixing of the last 3 - 4 albums is so miserable, it sucks dirty balls... It's time for retirement.
  • Avatar for NoWowNoMore
    flyyyy awayyyy to a rainbow in the skyyyy \m/
  • Avatar for xStrikeBassProx
    my favorite communist band[2]
  • Avatar for iLesnick
    ну почти как наша Ария ))
  • Avatar for Steambull
    As far as I'm concerned, songs like Each Dawn I Die, Dark Avenger and Secret of Steel are heavy metal perfection.
  • Avatar for RiffM4chine
    my favorite communist band
  • Avatar for AnaalForsage
    Terrible band, but kind of fun
  • Avatar for Gaginski
    Сколько же тут тупых хэйтеров у которых пригорает от 3амечательной группы
  • Avatar for Chrilu
    They should retire in dignity...
  • Avatar for antoni000
    Лучше пить говна отвар, чем слушать группу мановар
  • Avatar for TightAndBulging
    I also listen to Manowar! Hail from Brazil
  • Avatar for BushwickBill666
    TightAndBulging listens to the village people, nuff said
  • Avatar for BushwickBill666
    says the guy with the rainbow
  • Avatar for G4CKT
    Go Trump! USA 2016
  • Avatar for TightAndBulging
    616k homosexuals
  • Avatar for BushwickBill666
    manowar 616k listeners venom 289k listeners
  • Avatar for TightAndBulging
    Truth about Manowank:
  • Avatar for Dajefmustejn
    i know it's fag music but i like them :(
  • Avatar for Angel_Blue-
    Você não conhece Menouar
  • Avatar for flaviovigatto
    Manowar Kill!
  • Avatar for Steambull
    So glad they're coming to Finland after all, going to see them in the same venue as during TLOS tour!
  • Avatar for gbrlestrada
    Hail there! Sign if you want the old back
  • Avatar for METALMASTIL
    Manowar has his style, like most metal bands. But I love his music, MANOWAR forever !!
  • Avatar for nihillist
    "May your sword stay wet like a young girl in her prime." Pure poetry ;D
  • Avatar for bigboyberger
    I wanna see these guys live again... Best 2 concerts in 2 days ever.
  • Avatar for missaalisa
  • Avatar for onlycharles
    This main picture is too gay... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  • Avatar for MCMLXIV
    i love those outfits. much better than their music.
  • Avatar for Idiots-Rule
    I always had a hard time listening to them because of the lyrics / metal elitism (and especially their fur-undies image), but I'll be damned if the music isn't awesome.
  • Avatar for dragonuts
  • Avatar for beaturmumdown
    hairy vaginas =)
  • Avatar for beaturmumdown
    are they true gays ?
  • Avatar for Steambull
    Main pic needs "The Boss"...
  • Avatar for Bruno-Thrasher
  • Avatar for TenshiGeraku
    naked photos for the main please. [3]
  • Avatar for raphaelmg94
    vc não conhece manowar
  • Avatar for zezymcurty
    Waste can be recycled . Shit can turn manure. But the audible noise produced by Manowar serves no purpose
  • Avatar for Emtay13
    Is this real life
  • Avatar for EDRORR
    Listening to this after at least 15 years. It sound great as did back then.
  • Avatar for Sanity_Theorist I nominate this as the official image!
  • Avatar for Steambull
    I aim to see Manowar in Stockholm next year. Now that the Kings Of Metal MMXIV tour is wrapping up, I hope they will refreshen their setlist. Note that nowadays Manowar only plays 14-15 songs in a concert as opposed to the 20+ setlists they used to have even on The Lord of Steel Tour (which had an awesome set). I think that they should drop Kings of Metal, Hail And Kill and Heart of Steel completely. Same with Manowar and Black Wind, Fire And Steel - those songs have been played in every concert for decades, and since the setlist is getting smaller, they should make room for more interesting songs!
  • Avatar for wholelottay
    Amazing concert in Monsters of Rock, Brazil! \\m/
  • Avatar for flaviovigatto
    Yes, in Brazil: MANOWAR KILL!


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