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  1. Death Metal from Finland, presented in the way of late 80's U.S. acts. Fast and aggressive, raw and impure.

  2. Black metal band who play a raw mid-paced, sometimes slow style of black metal. They have three releases on Exitium Productions, the two demo…

  3. Christchurch, New Zealand (1990 - 2014)

    **New full length set for vinyl…

  4. Hellvetron features members from Nyogthaeblisz.

    From Texas, USA.

  5. Spawned in the year 2007 of Kali Yuga. The first offering is entitled "Temple" which is available on cassette format exclusively, limited to 666…

  6. New P. Helmkamp and J. Read (with B. Wolaniuk) band from San Francisco, California, USA. Playing bestial black/death.

  7. Oraculum (Chile)

    "Despite being newcomers, this Chilean power-trio have their sound nailed down, HARD: pulsing, doom-dredging Metal of Death that's…

  8. Antiversum are from Zurich, Switzerland. The band’s members are also involved in numerous other projects, with names such as Blakk Old Blood,…

  9. Black Metal of Death from Denmark.

    The idea of Ogdru Jahad have been present for many years now. The original goal was to form a temporary…

  10. Bestial old school black/death metal from the US. Formed in 2005. They have one full length album out, titled "Desecrated Temple of Impurity".…

  11. Stench of Decay was spawned in the autumn 2004. Tommi and Rami are the founder members and the idea in its simplicity was to create pure death…

  12. Bestial black/death metal from Italy.

  13. Sepulchral death metal hailing from UK.

    שְׁאוֹל ("she'ol") is Hebrew for "grave" or "abode of the dead."

  14. Black Metal from Ohio.

    Changed their name to Void Meditation Cult.

  15. Necroblood is a Black/Death metal band hailing from Paris, France. Known as Evynkar until 2010.

  16. FŌR is devoted to the Germanic black witch Gullveig, and her Thursian bloodline of ravenous hordes of wolves and werewolves. The music's concept is…

  17. I.B. is a solo project, all instruments and recording done by J.

    Contact: impiousbaptism gmail com

  18. Several artists share this name.

    1) Chained in conservationism as a strict principle, Sacrificio (Spain) rises the banners and standards of the…

  19. Luciferian Death Metal, emerging from the womb of Hecate.


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