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  • Avatar for bonjovyborges
  • Avatar for NatthDellazeri
    Impressive Music! <3
  • Avatar for Yontalcar
    It's crazy! But I need a new album... I miss you, Mandragora Scream.
  • Avatar for Juriat
    Medusa да давненько с таким удовольствием не смотрел клипик !!!
  • Avatar for GothNoel
    spellbinding, amazing, vampiric voice...
  • Avatar for seitantango
    She has the most horrible accent I've ever heard
  • Avatar for Carneiro_
    Fucking uber awesome to fuck!
  • Avatar for Carneiro_
    Six Grains Of Pomegranate.
  • Avatar for lostineternity9
    Awesome music :))
  • Avatar for Mortum_est
    it's govno
  • Avatar for dawkinsoid
    En erebos phos!
  • Avatar for bonjovyborges
    Still inme ... After 4 years
  • Avatar for nnnienke
  • Avatar for manoel_carneiro
    Six Grains of Pomegranade.
  • Avatar for MetalRock1989
    Amazing band!
  • Avatar for skoro1975
    ALL FEMALE METAL BAND: - DRACENA - (black thrash death metal band from Sweden) listen:
  • Avatar for ikd-sj
    |NIGHTFALL| GREAT (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
  • Avatar for PhAntOmEttA
    Night's Master (Azhrarn & Sivesh) is the best on new CD but there are some more atmospheric things....
  • Avatar for Zkaar
    If I had to choose, Fairy Tales>A Whisper Of Dew>Madhouse>Volturna>Luciferland. But I like them all so much...
  • Avatar for adelinadarkstar
    Just tell me is it worth me checking out the new album? Honestly I'm hearing mixed reviews.
  • Avatar for ViviAi
    New album's alright. Not as good as Madhouse, but a great improvement over Volturna
  • Avatar for dawkinsoid
    Loved the album! Big fan of Lucifer's Ballade.
  • Avatar for Clandestine-Ene
    Madhouse>A Whisper Of Dew>Fairytales From Hell's Caves>Luciferland>Volturna. Yeah the new album is ok but nothing special and they can do a lot better.
  • Avatar for SeynaAzari
    Новый альбом - офигителен! =))
  • Avatar for vespera3
    I bloody love their new album Luciferland! Bravo!! Amazing!!
  • Avatar for envy_elric
    Luciferland is absolutely fucking amazing!! [2] Hell yeah! This time their album is incredible... Such a masterpiece! Thou it is quite a shame that they're only selling it on their website...
  • Avatar for Dintyu
    Luciferland is absolutely fucking amazing!!
  • Avatar for OlgaDidenko And finally Luciferland samples!)))))
  • Avatar for Clandestine-Ene
    Sounds A LOT better than Volturna wow.
  • Avatar for OlgaDidenko
    MandragorA ScreaM promo track "HEKATE" from the album "Luciferland"
  • Avatar for Clandestine-Ene
    So no one has the album yet? I'm certainly not buying ir before hearing at least couple of songs. Volturna was bloody awful but then again the first three albums are really nice so i'm excited :D
  • Avatar for ViviAi
    new album out on Nov 21st
  • Avatar for PhAntOmEttA
    luciferland Edom trailer
  • Avatar for PhAntOmEttA
    Madhouse is fucking fucking fucking awesome
  • Avatar for Estranged_Ann
    Первые два альбома практически шедевры, помню, как лет 5 назад до дыр их затерла..остальные и вполовину так не цепляют.
  • Avatar for divanozavr
  • Avatar for TerykBlut
    Interesting stuff!
  • Avatar for KypaToP_HM
    Ха, такое чувство, что тут только русские фаны тусуются :3 До сих пор самым любимым альбомом остается дебютник. С 2008 ни разу не покидал плеер :3
  • Avatar for Graf_Dracula666
    Отличная группа и песни классные
  • Avatar for PhAntOmEttA
    ухаха мадемуазель - если вам понравилась эта песня - то чем же вам остальные с альбома Медхаус не угодили ?? они ничуть не хуже - или у вас просто слуха нет
  • Avatar for KatrinEkozyants
    Dark Lantern как-раз единственная песня,по -моему нормальная.. давно понравилась
  • Avatar for Harmaa_Griffin
    Мать вашу, после Dark Lantern я узнала, какая песня самая отвратительная в мире. Только за это можно поблагодарить:3
  • Avatar for Lorelei_94
  • Avatar for Tempustress
    With all my heart I wish Morgan a speedy recovery after terrible car crash. I hope she is not in danger anymore. Waiting for good news from official site...
  • Avatar for katia111
    my soul
  • Avatar for TamiAriana
  • Avatar for Blue_Fatty
    I think her voice suits the genre perfectly. Loving this so far :)
  • Avatar for Subliminal_Joy
    great! falling in love with this band more and more :)
  • Avatar for SpiritusNoctis
    Since the beginning of existence this band I always loved their music. Morgan is a very good singer (I like her atypical vocal). Greetings from Poland for all fans of Mandragora Scream:)
  • Avatar for NorseDave
    I hate this kind of metal...


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