• The journal i always wanted to do: first, love and current

    22 Jun 2007, 13:29 by Adthey

    In the current favourite I choose almost randomly in some of them, because sometimes i just can't pick up one :D

    1. Tegan and Sara
    First Song: Come On
    Made You Fall In Love: Come On
    Current Favorite: The First

    2. Alexisonfire
    First Song: Control
    Made You Fall In Love: Control
    Current Favorite: It Was Fear Of Myself That Made Me Odd

    3. AFI
    First Song: Miseria Cantare (The Beginning)
    Made You Fall In Love: Girl's Not Grey
    Current Favorite: ...but home is nowhere

    4. Rise Against
    First Song: State of the Union
    Made You Fall In Love: The First Drop
    Current Favorite: Torches

    5. dredg
    First Song: Ode To The Sun
    Made You Fall In Love: Ode To The Sun
    Current Favorite: Hungover On A Tuesday

    6. Coheed and Cambria
    First Song: Always and Never
    Made You Fall In Love: Ten Speed (Of God's Blood and Burial
    Current Favorite: Delirium Trigger

    7. Death Cab for Cutie
    First Song: Marching Bands of Manhattan
    Made You Fall In Love: Soul Meets Body
    Current Favorite: We Looked Like Giants
  • Tuesday

    13 Mar 2007, 17:19 by marshee

    As I'm bored enough to, and nobody else has done this, I'll write a review about the Mando Diao gig in London last Tuesday at KCLSU.

    Well, we (me and my friend) arrived early at the venue at 18:30, expecting the doors to open at 19:00 as it said on the tickets. We were some of the first people to arrive, and found out that the doors actually opened at 19:30, so we got talking with somebody else in the queue. Finally, the doors opened and we were let in and we went in, got lost by getting off the lift at the wrong floor, and, when finally arriving at the right place, found that there was no cloakroom as Mando Diao were using it to sell merchandise. This wasn't good news for me as I had 2 bags with me and a coat.

    I then went into the room where the stage was, and was suprised because it was smaller than I thought it'd be. It soon filled up with 100 - 150 people, and the first band, Parka, started playing. Their music was OK, but they reminded me a bit strongly of Noisettes, which is not a good thing. …
  • Sweden's finest: Mando Diao in Vienna, Austria, 16.11.06

    19 Nov 2006, 12:46 by holo17

    Hey hey.

    I'm usually not a big fan of going to concerts of the same band twice. But shows by some of my favourite bands may of course be viewed as an exception, and, as in the case of Mando Diao, I'm glad I have two Mando-fanatic friends who, some months ago, convinced me to come and see this band in Vienna for the second time (it was the third time all in all, but the second one was this year's FM4 Frequency festival, which was amazing, but can hardly count as a regular show).

    So, our first task was to leave Ljubljana at 13 o'clock and get to Vienna on time to catch the opening bands, Julia (which we only knew little about) and Johnossi (who are the most amazing two-member band since Two Gallants). The show was starting at 19.30. Everything was working out quite fine until we arrived in the foggy and overcrowded Vienna. We had a map and a description of the way, but of course we missed the first highway exit we were supposed to take. So, clever as we are, we took the very next one and decided to take on the way on our own. …
  • Mando Style

    26 Aug 2006, 07:42 by Gheorghiu

    Zu Ode To Ochrasy:

    Im letzten oder vorletzten Musikexpress war zu lesen, dass Mando Diao ihr neues Album nach bewährten Rezepten gestalten werden. In ihren Worten: „Let's do it Mando-Style“. Was das für das aktuelle Album „Ode to Ochrasy“ bedeutet: Alte Lieder in neuen Gewändern? War das nicht schon immer so? Oder gibt es vielleicht doch etwas Neues zu hören?
    Während „Hurricane Bar“ ein würdiger Nachfolger des Erstlingswerkes „Bring 'Em In“ und eine der besten Platten 2005 war (was leider unterging, da sie schon im Jänner veröffentlicht wurde), ist „Ode To Ochrasy“ vielleicht ein logischer, aber kein würdiger Nachfolger des letzten Albums. Fühlte man sich schon bei „Hurricane Bar“ manchmal ein wenig auf den Arm genommen, was die eingängige Einfachheit der Songs betraf, so konnte diese schlichte Genialität des Songwritings auf dem aktuellen Werk nicht gesteigert und kaum gehalten werden. Hinzu kommt die auffallend niedrige Qualität der Texte. …