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Mandala was formed by Rhys Marsh, Francis Booth and Will Spurling in London, in the autumn of 1997. The foundation of the band was to fuse western and eastern folk music, mixed with heavier forms of progressive rock, all wrapped in an early-seventies glow.

During their first nine years together, they performed hundreds of concerts across the UK and North America. They recorded many songs during that time, which were occasionally self-pressed onto CD and sold at concerts, but they never managed to record an entire album.

In 2006, Mandala decided to part ways. Rhys moved to Norway, while Francis and Will concentrated on other projects.

In 2014, they got back together and decided to finally record their debut album — a collection of the songs that kicked it all off, half their lives ago.

Drawing from material circa 1999—2004, this will be the Mandala loved of old, carefully matured 15 years, like a fine whisky…

We invite you to take a sip with us:

— The Guardian

"Knife-edge atmospheres and Eastern-tinged melodies"
— The Independent

"Atmospheric romanticism"
— The Metro

"Haunting atmospherics, with an icy edge"
— Time Out

"As if Jeff Buckley met Radiohead in a subterranean cellar”
— Musician Magazine

0. Progressive Metal/Post-Hardcore Band from London, UK forged by 2 friends forever spinning within a whirlwind of musical experimentation. Jack and Oli happened to collide in a lowly Halls Bar - propelled by inquisitiveness and a love for the more thoughtful legends of modern, progressive and alternative music. Common ground realised, they decided to create something a little bit louder, a little bet testing, a little bit spiritual and a little bit different. Please enjoy the Experiment.

1. Mandala is the musical moniker of songwriter and composer Cameron McLain. Mandala's music is a beautiful marriage of music and words that blends folk, funk, and electronic elements to create a wholly unique sound. Mandala released their debut album, "The Visitation," in October of 2011 and can be found at http://www.mandalatheband.com.

2. Mandala is a punk ska band from Montevideo, Uruguay. With 4 albums "Por fin", "A pesar de todo", "Tres" and "Obstinadamente Tercos" which can be downloaded at http://www.mandalapunk.com.

3. Rave & trance act from the mid '90s with Tom Weyer & Raymund Beyer as members. They released on Noom Records from 1993 - 1997. They have a second project called Der Tanzbefehl.

4. Imagine folk, progressive rock, jazz and electronica rolled into one, then given a distinct Eastern tinge, and you'll be someway there. Let the imagination run wild - if Nick Drake and Jeff Buckley fronted a more earthy King Crimson, which for this occasion also featured Joni Mitchell, the Incredible String Band and Ryuichi Sakamoto, you'll be somewhere closer still…

5. Pumped full of the best guitar music of the 90's produces Mandala their own version of KickAss'n'Roll. Right from Luckywood, Germany, with dirty guitars, bass, drums and vocals. Just dirty, right in your face and with a big Rock'n'Roll heart does Mandala play since 1998. Since then there was a lot of movement and the band formation changed several times. But after all those changes the climb slowly but sure to the Olympus of Rock or drive back to hell!

6. Comprising the brazilian musicians Zeca Assumpção, Roberto Sion, Nelson Ayres, Nestico, Nivaldo Ornelas and Balança, this instrumental prog band was formed in São Paulo in 1971. Jazz, afro, rock and ragas all converge in their debut - and only - album, in a melting pot of textures and influences. As diverse and deep as Brazil itself.

7. A musical duo from India, comprised of Bikram Singh (Bansuri flute) and Manish Vyas (tabla and Santoor), performing of Indian classical music. See http://www.malimba.com/mandala

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