• The ridiculous list of gigs I've attended

    18 Aug 2013, 14:42 by NecroZed

    This doesn't include the classical and jazz concerts, for no reason other than that I forgot and can't be bothered to renumber everything. A * denotes a band I played in.

    1 16/09/96 Jethro Tull -Sands Centre, Carlisle

    2 14/02/97 Suede + Mansun + Raissa -Sands Centre, Carlisle

    3 31/10/99 The Stranglers + Schindler - Sands Centre, Carlisle

    4 28/05/00 The Australian Pink Floyd - Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal

    5 15/07/00 Alice Cooper + 1 -City Hall, Newcastle

    6 19/07/00 Unknown Canadian bands -A field, Port Colborne

    7 08/09/00 Mel C + Tom Cat- Sands Centre, Carlisle

    8 27/09/00 Space + Shed 7 + The Bluetones + Animalhouse - Millennium Dome,London

    9 28/09/00 Bucks Fizz - The Venue, Canterbury

    10 28/10/00 Some industrial band - Slimelight, London

    11 09/01/01 Nearvana - The Venue, Canterbury

    12 ??/01/01 Some UKC bands - Keynes JCR, Canterbury

    13 18/01/01 The Eighties Experience - The Venue, Canterbury

    14 20/02/01 Some death metal bands - Studio 41, Canterbury
  • 2012

    3 Jan 2012, 13:27 by RISINGxDEATH

    (The Death Of) Six By Seven - The Death Of Six By Seven 8/10
    Chris Olley of Six By Seven using perhaps the smartest name for a sideproject, well not really because his previous band stopped in 2008, but I love the way this name grabs back to his previous efforts. The sounds presented on here are hard to classify. It sounds like some singer-songwriter folky music played with a post-rock mindset and some 80s post-punk popping up around the corner. Awesome!

    12th Planet - The End Is Near! 6,5/10

    Good bunch of dubstep tracks that will attract the brostep crowd. Skrillex, Kill the Noise and more are featured on here so you can imagine what it would sound like. Nothing too much, over the top in a good way. It's hard to find anything new or exciting but it gets you pumped for a party pretty easy.

    Abigail Williams - Becoming 3,5/10

    Probably one of the strangest bands in the current black metal scene. …