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Mallory is the moniker of at least three bands:

Mallory Amherst, MA:
Mallory is an band. They have released three albums: Lights in the Quarry (2009) and Strange Homes(2010), and To The Hollow Night (2014). They reformed in 2014 to record a new album, which is in progress. Information at http://malloryband.org/
Their discography can be downloaded at http://malloryfolk.bandcamp.com/

here's their current facebook. Go to it for updates about their upcoming June release "To The Hollow Night." https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mallory/745009325528689

Members are: Justin Fallon, Noel'le Longhaul, and Nicholas Francis. After moving to different corners of the world, they are involved in different radical and musical projects. Here's some links to what they're doing:

http://nicholasfrancis.bandcamp.com (Nikos Music)
http://nicholas-francis.tumblr.com (Nikos Blog)
http://noellelonghaul.com (Noel'le's art)
http://villulia.bandcamp.com (their current folk punk project)
http://tellyrstory.bandcamp.com (their solo music)
http://acoughingfit.bandcamp.com (their black metal)

mallory helped start a collaborative distribution collective. their profile can be seen at http://www.folkroutes.org/profiles/mallory
they have also posted all of their chords and lyrics and encourage sharing their music in any which way

They are rarely playing shows, but are planning a winter 2014/2015 US tour.

**Mallory Oakland, CA:
From the sweat, blood, and tears of three East Bay locals; Mallory is the combined efforts of Dan Contreras, Kenneth Greer, and Dan Stilwell. The three formed a group after Dan S. and Kenneth were shocked by a self-produced demo of Dan Contreras’. The trio, having grown-up and played together, instantly clicked. Dan S. and Kenneth moved Dan C. in and began working on producing a record. Soon they had a demo made; recorded entirely at the home they share in Berkeley. In early 2012 Mallory entered the studio and tracked their debut full length Pretty Dirty Ugly Clean set to release this summer.

**Mallory Cincinnati, OH:
An indie rock band who released their 2nd full-length, “Before It Grows” in 2009. http://www.myspace.com/mallorysounds

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