• Songs that make me want to play the instrument

    22 Aug 2009, 11:00 by shockre30

    You know the feeling when you hear a song and then you imagine yourself playing a certain instrument. Well I have that feeling all the time.
    Now I'll give a list of some songs that are very special because when I hear them I immediately start playing the instrument in my head
    Here is the list:

    Lead Guitar:
    There are a lot of briliant guitar players in the world, but I have a few songs that are special.

    Angus Young- AC/DC- Whole Lotta Rosie- live
    Joe Satriani-Satch Boogie
    Brian May- Queen- Tie Your Mother Down- live

    Rythm Guitar:

    Jimi Hendrix- Little Wing. I know that Jimi is more of a lead guitarist but this is a brilliant example of rythm guitar playing.
    Malcolm Young - AC/DC - Thunderstruck
    Eric Clapton - Cream- Tales of Brave Ulysses

    Bass guitar

    John Entwistle- The Who- Won't Get Fooled Again
    Kris Novoselic- Nirvana - Lounge Act
    Mike Dirnt- Green Day- Panic Song


    John Bonham-Led Zeppelin- Rock and Roll
  • AC/DC's Rock N' Roll Whistle Stop: Cleveland!

    4 Mar 2009, 07:47 by sablespecter

    Mon 5 Jan – AC/DC

    January proved to be the final month in my nine-month streak of seeing concerts, going all the way back to Gigantour last May (which seems like eons ago). But what a way to end a streak: this was my first-ever AC/DC concert! This was one music honor that D held over me, since she had seen them on multiple occasions before (yet not in over 20 years). We went with JCV and his wife*, and had a helluva time.

    Opening act was The Answer, from Belfast. I had not heard of them before that night - didn't even know there was an opening act until we got there - but I've since checked them out and they're pretty good. Actually one of the better (non-package-tour) opening acts I've seen in awhile. Since I didn't really know them, this is the setlist as best as I could capture it:
    (I don't know the opening track)
    (something from the new album) may have been Why'd You Change Your Mind
    Never Too Late
    Guitar solo (is that really needed for an opening band with a setlist this short??)
  • AC/DC - Stiff Upper Lip

    14 May 2007, 21:54 by chrisgaubla

    Stiff Upper Lip

    Dernier album en date du très célèbre groupe australien, sorti en 2000 Stiff Upper Lip marque un vrai retour au source après plusieurs albums plus ou moins éloignés du style qui avait fait leur succès dans les années 70.

    Dés les premières notes du premier morceau (qui se trouve être le title song : Stiff Upper Lip) il est tout de suite flagrant que cet album sera dans la veine du précédent. En effet Ballbreaker, avait marqué un tournant dans leur carrière, après quelques années et plusieurs albums considérés, parfois à tort, comme moins bons, voir médiocres.
    Il est indéniable que le retour du batteur d'origine du groupe, Phil Rudd, depuis Ballbreaker apporte une cohésion et une entente que l'on retrouve moins dans les chansons de Blow Up Your Video par exemple.

    Donc ce premier morceau est une réussite et ouvre un album rempli de bons sons, de Blues Rock N' Roll comme seul les frère Young savent en pondre.
    11 morceaux suivent ce premier titres, tous plus entrainant les uns que les autres…
  • What my musical universe is like:

    21 Jul 2006, 05:29 by mikeroach113

    You might be wondering what my so-called musical universe is like. Well, it's probably something like this:

    It would be like it is today with just these changes:
    The Wall is the most successful album of all time.
    •"Sentimental Street" is Night Ranger's biggest hit, not "Sister Christian", plus Night Ranger's album "7 Wishes" is one of the biggest selling albums of all-time
    •Shitty boy bands (*NYSNC, Backstreet) and teen pop (Britney, J-Lo, Christina) don't exist
    Peter Frampton's two Atlantic Records releases are million sellers, and don't just have a cult following, and "All Eyes On You" is a #1 single
    •Anime music is played on mainstream radio and Adult Contemporary and AOR radio stations
    •"After The Fire" is Roger Daltrey's biggest and most successful solo single
    Johnny Hates Jazz and John Parr have more than just two top 40 singles
    Foreigner's "Waiting For A Girl Like You" and "I Don't Want To Live…