• beautiful

    24 May 2011, 21:31 by the-otherside

    Put your music player, whatever it is, on random or shuffled play.
    Answer these questions with the song you get when you hit the skip button!
    Note: some songs will make sense, others won't. Don't Cheat!

    Which song describes the mood you are in right now?: The Staple Singers - This World
    Which song describes the mood you are usually in?: KANNA - Welcome II
    Which song describes one of your favorites things to do?: The Mountain Goats - Wild Sage
    Which song describes something else you like to do?: Tilly and the Wall - A Perfect Fit
    With these perfect tree branches, though, there’s bound to be a lynching. With the crowd, one side is screaming out; the sound gets overwhelming. And they want you to believe them, yeah, they’d love to see you hanging. And I know the noose is tempting, and it seems like a perfect fit. Don’t go through with it.
    Which song best represents you?: Sleater-Kinney - Jumpers
    The only substance is the fog, and it hides all that has gone wrong. Can’t see a thing inside the maze. …
  • SubCult-Jahresrückblick 2010 mit Timbob Kegler und Niki Matita

    22 Dec 2010, 01:06 by minimatika

    SubCult - Klänge jenseits des Hauptstroms
    Jeden Dienstag von 16 bis 17h und Mittwoch (Wdh.) von 20 bis 21h auf

    Jahresrückblick 2010 am 27.12.2010 mit Timbob Kegler und Niki Matita

    Coil - Disco Hospital
    Captain Beefheart - Vampire Suite
    Danjál - Towers Of Babylon
    Jason Forrest - Goldbluff
    Hans Unstern - Paris
    Malcolm McLaren - About Her
    Men Of Northern Country - Debut
    Lena Horne - The Lady Is a Tramp
    Christiane Rösinger - Berlin
    The Box Tops - The Letter
    Paprika Korps - Follow Follow
  • Shuffle it

    11 Aug 2007, 15:25 by verds

    I'm going to do these blog quizzes hopefully 1 every weekend from now. I've saved a bunch from random journals I've seen on this site. I was just waiting until I'd picked up the bunch of albums I got recently before wanting to do these quizzes

    I'm going to start with one I got off Gaiaonline over a year ago. It's funny to see how much my tastes have changed

    This was the original version i did on April 6
    How many songs: 806

    Sort by song title:
    First Song: '03 Bonnie & Clyde - Jay Z ft. Beyonce
    Last Song: Your Way - Sarah Blasko

    Sort by time:
    Shortest Song: Uncle Fucker - Terrence & Phillip from South Park (1:06)
    Longest Song: In the Music - Deep Swing (8:05)

    Sort by album:
    First Album: 8 Mile Soundtrack
    Last Album: You Could Have it So Much better - Franz Ferdinand

    First song added to library: some random 'r n b' track probably
    Most recent song added to library: The White Unicorn - Wolfmother

  • Jan 07 Playlist - the Month of Westerns

    3 Feb 2007, 20:09 by marginalnut

    The month i saw Kill Bill.... soundtrack is AAAmazing, with a few more A's on the front so there is quite a bit of influence from it, whether it be songs from it or my new found love of Spagetti Western Music...hmmmm its cool though.

    1. Twisted Nerve
    2. Noah's Ark
    3. To Have Or To Be
    4. Nothing Better
    5. Phantom Patriot
    6. Hate To Say I Told You So
    7. About Her
    8. Per Qualche Dollaro In Pui
    9. Wish You Were Here
    10. The Libertine
    11. Kaifukusuru Kizu
    12. Volcano
    13. Mr Blue Sky
    14. Pyramid Song
    15. Melpomene
    16. Hundred
    17. Clubbed to Death 2

    And well what better way to end any play list than with a band that influenced me when i was about 10 my cousin used to play the best of to put me to sleep....

    18. When the Music's Over

    Thinking of doing the best cover songs ever playlist... donno where i got that idea from, prob the Observer or something random i've picked up, not that i'm a heavy Observer reader little left wing for me personnally but they do…
  • Sounds like the Sun

    4 Nov 2006, 07:00 by evangeline6

    I failed my spanish quiz because i thought profesora would be merciful enough to not give us a quiz the day after our midterm.

    My sister is home for the weekend and she keeps listening to Moonlight Sonata. It's messing up my profile. I don't really listen to classical music. I keep forgetting to turn off the scrobbler.

    The music i'm listening to right now is quiet because i'm probably going to go to sleep soon.

    synopsis of the music i'm listening to:
    Sun is shining is such a good mellow thinking song. It sounds like the sun would sound. Is this love is a good song to make out to. I started to like the song when i went to see citizen cope at hammerstein and he did a cover of it, and everyone sang along to it. I want someone to sing Lilac wine to me some day. Its a beautiful delicate song wrapped in silky loveliness. I kept watching kill bill 2 to find out what this song was called(about her). It went perfectly with the scene where she puts her daughter to sleep and she doesn't know if she's ever going to see her again…
  • Weekly Charts & Changes In Listening Habits

    30 Aug 2005, 13:19 by hilarion

    Last week, I got around to really listen to Sequencer:Beta for the first time. It just seems to be a flawless album. I was familiar with most of the tracks before, but also the ones I hadn't heard before - mainly Slowmotion and Luminal. It was still a surprise to me find that they were #1 last week.

    About the same thing has happened with Ocean Rain. The only reason I bought the album in the first place was The Killing Moon (#13 in overall tracks chart) but I've grown up to like many other tracks on the album as well, especially the three first songs and the album closing title track.

    Other artists in the top charts are pretty much the same as on previous weeks, Cocteau Twins should reach the overall Top 50 by the next update. The weekly tracks #1 is About Her (it also climbed to overall tracks Top 50 this week) because I bought Kill Bill vols. 1&2 on DVD. I watched them in a row and of course the song got stuck in my head and found it's way to repeat.