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  • laydeek8


    September 2013
  • xolemonlime2

    just ate a fuckload of sugar and crashed or else i would be dancing wildly

    August 2013
  • R4D10_413X

    Got dis on Vinyl! Wicked shit!!!

    May 2013
  • u_go_na


    February 2013
  • dannyboy182

    Good... but giving me a headache.

    June 2012
  • khaube

    Der Major regiert - einfach spitze!

    December 2011

    Runs pon dem back yard!! Nah way fi dem bad mind!! Stay clear dis year becau JAH bless I-man!! www.myspace.com/jamkingdom

    January 2011
  • StreetStereo

    sexual.... http://vtorova.blogspot.com/

    December 2010
  • Rollendestijn

    did i hear some age of empire samples?

    November 2010
  • kenji--

    Crazy taxi sample?

    September 2010
  • ladysaw

    Pump It by BEP + A Milli [2]

    September 2010
  • karlkandinsky

    Harrah Belsonic

    August 2010
  • gangatheloon

    Pump It by BEP + A Milli

    July 2010
  • T_U_D_S

    I should be tired of this track since I've played it so many times-but that's not the case LOL This song is like crack [2]

    May 2010
  • GRKillerATL

    Dope as hell

    May 2010
  • lilmissindie

    makes me wanna move!

    February 2010
  • kingrich742

    Girl from rounda country and girl from downa towna!

    February 2010
  • deborahramos

    Hot Damn. Santi's killing it on this one.

    January 2010
  • yfedorovsky

    similar to Black Eyed Peas, but better lol :D

    January 2010
  • Code_J

    Nearly exactly the same hook from Daft Punk's 'Da Funk.'

    December 2009
  • takkee

    vibrate like a nokia

    October 2009
  • iop247

    Come here

    September 2009
  • Swaggeroff

    haha i would say that BEP is famous for copying styles and i dont hear that "a milli" totaly dope track

    September 2009
  • monomike

    Amilliamilliamilliamilli. total rip on the Santigold part, courtesy of Lil' Wayne. As for the guitar riff / BEP reference - Dick Dale - Misirlou.

    July 2009
  • giraffebreath

    Either Black Eyed Peas ripped them off or the other way around, because the intro is the exact same as a BEP song (I can't recall what its name was). Still, I love this.

    June 2009
  • burningFP

    Hear me now, etc etc

    June 2009
  • CtrlAltMalik

    This song is like crack

    April 2009