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Majmoon is a band based in Munich, Germany playing instrumental music in combination with visual parts. The band was initiated in February 2003. After few contributions on a local band compilations, the 1st album "Shimponauts Journey" (Nov. 2006 rats-n reavens) was out.

To promote this album the band tours: Germany, Holland, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegowina,France and shared the stage with: Karate (US), Gregor Samsa (US), Red Sparowes (US), Gone Bald (NL), Sed Non Satiata (FR), Daturah (GER), Kenzari..s Middle Kata (GER); Razorblade jr. (NL), Boutros Bubba (NL), SDNMT(GER) Myself (FR) Transit (BE) Ansatz Der Machine (BE) Mandelbrot Set (CRO) Audrey (SWE)…..

Spring 2007: M a j m o o n did music for two documentary movies:
"H a l e l i" (Regie: Teresa Kuhn)
"J o s i p" (Regie: Pary El-Qalqili)

D i s c o g r a p h y:

KULT ZONE 5" (sampler) "Three Million Hits"
DIE RACHE DER ERHÖLUNGS SUCHENDEN" (Milchmannrec, sampler) "Olli s Rox On"

KULT ZONE 6": (sampler) "Of fast and slow movements in the city"

"DATH+NO-3"(Time as a color, tape sampler) "Autumn leaves"
12."BOMBING OF NEW YORK/12.BOMBARDIRANJE NJUJORKA"(sampler)Listen Loudest/Slusaj najglasnije,"Majmoon is close to the rain"……..
"MEHR HERTZ FÜR…(sampler)"Trumpet First"

KULT ZONE 7" (sampler) "As I Feel Now"
SUBKULTUR" (sampler) "Peachs Pit"
FINEST NOISE" (sampler) "Peachs Pit Exp!"
MAJMOON & PEACH PIT (Split EP, CD "Guranje s Litice"/Noiz Inkvizition Rekordz)

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