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  • Avatar for HerpesFuckFarm
    hell yes
  • Avatar for MetallicaSox
    The Noonward Race - MADNESS..
  • Avatar for Albert_Transom
    u like machester orchestra
  • Avatar for stathistate
  • Avatar for NeilTheRockGuru
    This aint just a land mark album.. Its a freakin meteor that struck a planet and shook the entire earth and changed the landscape. Groundbreaking, breathtaking,aweinspiring,overwhelming and so on whatever u can think of this album is trailblazing.. even moreso than other contemporary miles's landmark jazzfusion albums such as bitches brew and in a silent way. John was a major contributor in those albums which two virtuosos feeding off each others geniusness and created something thats is gut wrenching yet so beautiful at the same time. Im glad to have waited for so long to revisit this album.. Couldnt amaze me more. And talk about the man himself John mclaughlin.such a humble guy.. Meeting him in person was an absolute delight and kudos to him for still engaging with the fans like he does. A true gentleman
  • Avatar for NeilTheRockGuru
    Ok.. Here goes a praise bit like a crazy rant but its been what? Nearly a decade since i had a proper listen to inner mounting flame. I have a weird habit of not listening to albums i really like... Sort of saving them up for an occasion when i need them most because even great albums wears off sometimes especially when its listened too often and as time goes by they lose that tingling electric high u get as a virgin listener. I remember the first time i listened to mahavishnu i was like is this even real??? Is this fuc*in real??? and i thought that was pretty intense experience back then. But finally.. After all those years and listening to the inner mounting flame again i am totally lost of words.. That reaction i had back then isnt anywhere near comparable..Oh my my my my mouth was open during the entire play of the album with jaw dead dropped probably looked like a total fool if someone caught me with that face but i mean who wouldnt???
  • Avatar for hauzzer
    Doesn't get any better than this.
  • Avatar for smoker05
    Fuck, they are freaking awesome.
  • Avatar for S_B_B
    More interesting background information at
  • Avatar for GrzechoG
    More than 90 years and I still love that music!
  • Avatar for chedder1
    these god damned dirty hippies sure do make good music.
  • Avatar for MusicMagic77
    Once again... >> [url=]Wild Strings[/url] (live bootleg album, 1972)
  • Avatar for thaewrapt
    /me надевает пенсне
  • Avatar for Assedor
    Yes, it is a refined music for intellectuals!
  • Avatar for TaRaBoSt32o14
    Celestial Terrestrial Commuters.
  • Avatar for cogsncogs
    More than 40 years and I still love that music!
  • Avatar for NCROLST
    Revisiting MO, what a great time
  • Avatar for antiperiodic
    Oh boy this is my new jam! Just what I was looking for. [2] Can anyone recommend me some more spazzy Proggy Fusion? I'm pretty new to this kind of music.
  • Avatar for WorldInColour
    Oh boy this is my new jam! Just what I was looking for.
  • Avatar for headgear56
    More than 30 years i still love that music!
  • Avatar for shurochka_22
    very good!
  • Avatar for Slim_rafa
  • Avatar for deedee_27
    I'm so glad I came across this :O amazing!
  • Avatar for solipsismmusic
    Brilliant stuff!
  • Avatar for onthewall2983
    Of the albums after 1973, I like "Apocalypse" the most. I like the orchestral stuff and the band is pretty solid. But I much prefer the original line-up. A band that was never not on fire and influential to so many to come after.
  • Avatar for Skanking_Skippy
    "Between nothingness and eternity is my favorite live album of all time." [x2]
  • Avatar for gacktxrawr
    Between nothingness and eternity is my favorite live album of all time.
  • Avatar for gacktxrawr
    I dare you to smoke to them.
  • Avatar for Walwynwalwyn
    Well don't we go a long way to return to where we started. Was listening to some Terje Rypdal some weeks ago which lead me to a YouTube concert with Billy Cobham from 1994 where they did Birdland (Weather Report). Which reminded me of the Crosswinds album I used to have until it was nicked by the cops during a drugs raid. So I got a replacement from Amazon along with Weather Report, and the MO box set which arrived today, and I'm waiting on some Crusaders compilation box set.
  • Avatar for Assedor
    This respected group has always sought to extract a diverse and deep sound. They have always been adventurous in the choice of material, and in the philosophical approach to the music. They produce a great impression of a mixture of artistry and power of influence. It makes sense to have them for your own collection.
  • Avatar for Watcher
    SAGYology have to agree with you about Visions of the Emerald Beyond. Even the NAME of the album is amazing.
  • Avatar for TheBladeRunner_
    Inner Worlds Part 1&2
  • Avatar for DavidSmith98
    Birds of Fire
  • Avatar for luisehc
    Jodidamente largas sus canciones, eh? Los descubrí gracias a The Concert Vault, excelentes.
  • Avatar for rockandross
    Mexican Psychedelic rock (Homemade)
  • Avatar for barcisz
  • Avatar for rok2slayr
    why the fuck does it matter what the name is?
  • Avatar for pratyush92
    The name is really too corny... Blah!
  • Avatar for Abello966
    music for musicians
  • Avatar for IanCat87
    So I put off listening to Mahavishnu Orchestra for years. Never had anything against McLaughlin or anything, always thought he was great, I ended up putting off the group for ages... UNTIL NOW AND HOLY MOLY IS THIS SHIT FANTASTIC!!
  • Avatar for SAGYology
    Visions of the Emerald Beyond is by far their best album and I love almost all of them. It's MO's absolute creative peak.
  • Avatar for ifhgsfj
    Visions of the Emerald Beyond is underrated.
  • Avatar for ilton_mateus16
    Banda absurdamente incrível!!!
  • Avatar for bigballsdude
    After listen The Inner Mounting Flame I think groups like The Mars Volta (not in offense to them) are nothing invented new.
  • Avatar for DraKi91 Must See!
  • Avatar for ricz_dm
    John McLaughlin is a monster.
  • Avatar for GOPLIT412
    Beautiful structure.
  • Avatar for RaditAndrogyny
  • Avatar for mas2don
    Inner Mounting Flame is ridiculously awesome. [3]
  • Avatar for ivanmon
    know what?


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