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There is more than one artist with this name:

1) Magnus is a joint dance collaboration of Tom Barman - heart and soul of Antwerp (Belgium) rockers dEUS - and CJ Bolland - DJ/producer and key figure in the international techno scene.

"First one to call Magnus a side-project will get his teeth kicked in by me personally" Barman grins. Their message is clear: Magnus isn't a mere try-out by two different artists, but it is a close and successful encounter between two musicians with radically distinct musical backgrounds, who took it to a recording studio in search of a common sound.

The name Magnus stands for funky, which means party. Thus Magnus bring forth uptempo records that are meant to be played loud.
Magnus originally started out as a three-piece band, but soon Peter Vermeersch – composer, tenor sax and clarinet player of X-Legged Sally and Flat Earth Society – was obliged to step out, due to a busy agenda.

2) Magnus are also an experimental pop/rock band from Chicago, USA. They issued Sleepwalker in 2004.

3) Magnus was a straight edge hardcore band from Wilkes-Barre, PA, USA.

4) 1) MAGNUS were one of the pioneers of the thrashened death metal wave in Poland, formed in 1987. In the 80's, when this genre of metal was born, MAGNUS blazed a trail of an innovative style of fast and heavy play. They were the first band in Poland and one of the first in the world to highlight music with a controversial and rare image, as black uniforms filled with thorns were in those times. MAGNUS split up in 1997.

5) An alias of Michael Lee, American Psy-trance producer and DJ

6)Amercian Hardcore band



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