• Just A Random Mix

    17 Apr 2006, 06:42 by ninarose85

  • Magnolia Electric Co.

    31 Jan 2006, 23:48 by hoshuteki

    So now, like all the mopey "alt.country" singer-songwriter lovers out there, one of my favourite American bands of the past few decades has been Songs: Ohia (and Jason Molina's follow-up/spin-off project, Magnolia Electric Co).

    I always liked them best when it was just Jason Molina's guitar and voice with minimal accompaniment, like on their Didn't It Rain album, or (my favourite track of all) "The Lioness (Didn't It Rain Translation)" (the version from the split 7" with Scout Niblett). The way his voice sounds so brittle and filled with emotion really gets to me, when I'm willing to be in that mood.

    It's probably this reason why I prefer Trials and Errors (the live album) to some of the studio recordings. Despite the presence of all the musicians, it just seems more stripped-down and immediate. In particular, the rendering of Almost Was Good Enough from this album is the version I prefer to play, and I can play it over and over again. …