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There are multiple artists with this name:

1) Magma is the brain-child of drummer/composer Christian Vander formed in Paris, France in 1969, disbanded in 1983 and reformed in 1996. Starting with a base of experimental rock heavily influenced by jazz and 20th century classical music, the band developed such a unique style of progressive rock that it became a new genre called . Characterized by insistent and repetitive rhythms, dramatic vocals, virtuosic solos, heavy bass playing, and jazzy drums, Zeuhl has been emulated by numerous followers from all over the world.
Much of Magma's music is written in the constructed language known as "Kobaïan" and concerns a lengthy saga about Earth and the planet Kobaïa, with spiritual and environmental themes.

2) Magma is a progressive folk group from Argentina. The music retains strong Andean influences and is notable for incorporating the flutes of the region. Their output is notable for meshing the Andean elements with Spanish folk guitar and the adoption of European song structures and instrumentation. Extended prog and folk songs see the use of both Mellotron and pan flutes. Despite being an 1980s outfit, their music is reminiscent of 70s progressive rock and 60s/70s folk. Truly a great example of music transculturation on various levels.

3) Magma is a German progressive/spacey band that recorded an album called Rock Duo Magma in 1975.

4) Magma (마그마) is a psychedelic band from Korea.

5) Magma is a pop-rock group from Poland.

6) Magma is a hardcore band from Orlando, Florida

7) Magma is a modern thrash metal band from Belgrade, Serbia. They are a famous underground Serbian demo band, and they recorded their first album, and now looking for label.

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